Wilson Sophia 3

Sasha tweeter, new woofer, new M material. Looks promising...

The midrange unit also seems to be very similar to the one used on Maxx 3 and W/P Sasha.

If you add to that a more beningn impedance curve (my guess is that the minimum will be around 3.5-4 Ohms), the new Sophia 3 for many, may be a prefered speaker. Much cheaper to boot.
What makes you think the impedence will be improved. Sasha dips to 1.8...
I hope they keep the price in check... lots of competitors these days.
Sophia’s U.S. MSRP will be $16,700.00 – the same price as the outgoing model
Sophia III Benefits from Trickle-Down

coming in June
When is the Sasha 2 comming out? The Sophia 4?
From Wilson's site:

"Because of the changes to the cabinet, original Sophias and Sophia 2s cannot be upgraded to Sophia 3s."

Thats a hoot ... I did not know that Sophias could be upgraded to Sophia 2s.
When is the Sasha 2 comming out? The Sophia 4?

Avg. lifespan for Wilson products is about 4 years - Sophia 2 was introduced back in 2006 (Sophia 1 in 2001), so you can prolly expext next update in 2014-5.

I sense a good dose of irony in your post, but on the data I posted above, it is unfounded.
too bad they are now using the Sasha tweeter.
IMO, the Sasha tweeter is more natural sounding and easier to listen to than what was previous..and the W/P line forgetaboutit!!Im guessing Wilson will sell alot of the new Sophias
The point that Keithr may have tried to make is that they will dilute the value of the Sasha by making a comparable speaker at 10 grand less.
Just came back from Munich Show. The new Sophias III are a big step up from the Sophia II in terms of looks - they look much more modern now.

Peter did not have the exact specs on hand, but promissed the new Sophias III to be much easier to drive than the Sasha (with the minimum impedance similar to Sophia II) and over 1dB more efficient than the outgoing Sophia II - now almost 90dB.

Some images (Sophia 2 in white and Sophia 3 in desert silver):
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Are they a big step up in sound? Nice photos, they show the different angle in the middle and the new velvet pattern by the woofer. Pretty radical change.
Yea I am pretty curious how the midrange compares. I always felt the midrange lacked a little detail on the Sophia 2 when compared to some other speakers in the same price range.

Did you get to hear the Sophia 3? Also I believe you owned the Sophia 2 and bought the Sasha recently. How do you feel the midranges compare? I realize the Sophia 3 does not have the exact same midrange as the Sasha...

I have heard both the Sasha and Sophia 2 before but at different dealers more than a year apart so I can not compare them at all. I am hoping the midrange on the new Sophia 3 sounds a lot more like the watt puppy line.

I've been considering the Sophia 2s and the Thiel 3.7s. I'll wait a bit longer to make my selection. Certainly looking forward to listening to the 3s.
James63 - I did not have a chance to listen to the Sophia 3.

However, based on my experience with Sophia 2 and Sasha, i can tell you that the biggest difference for me is in the HF department. Sasha tweeter is noticably different to Sophia 2 tweeter and much, MUCH better IMO. Sophia's 2 tweeter sounds grainy and 'hot' in comparison, wheres Sasha tweeter is very extended, airy and oh so smooth.

It is a bit difficoult to compare the midrange microdynamics, since Sasha is higher sensivity, which almost always makes the speaker to sound more alive, but it sure has more body.
Ok thanks for the information. I also watched the video of Dave Wilson (at wilsonaudio.com) talking about the new Sophia 3. In one of the interviews he states that the same midrange was used as the Sasha.

I wish I would have listened more to the Sasha when I was at the dealer (3 hours away) last month. But they are out of my price range new so I did not take in all the details. But it would have given me more insight into how the new Sophia (in my price range) might sound. I guess I will just have to make a trip when they come out.

I bought a pair of cheap speakers used (Thiel 2.4) last month with no intent to keep them and plan to buy a pair of Thiel 3.7s toward the end of the year. But I will definatly check out the Sophia 3 before I buy the 3.7s... to may good new speakers out these days.
James - I agree with you. I'm down to the Thiels 3.7s and the Sophia 2s or 3s. There are some good deals on the Sophia 2s but at this price point, I might as well be patient and do the comparisons - get the best of the 3 options. Early info would make the new Sophias quite compelling given the upgrades on the tweeter and midrange as well improved efficiency (at least according to the video interview).
Well, I spent some time this weekend listening to the Sophia 2's. At times they sounded terrific. However, I detected coloration with female voice that bothered me a bit. So, I'm passing on the 2's even though these can be purchased for a much lower price at this point.

BTW, the 2's were being driven by ARC - CD front end, Pre and Power.

At this point, I'm going to wait for the 3's. And, will still consider the Thiel 3.7's - which I have not been able to hear yet.
Hi Ritmo,

Friendly question to you, you said you detected coloration with some female voices on the Sophia's? Please eleborate if you could since I placed my Apogee Diva's which championed that department for decades aside acknowledging how well the Wilson's were specifically on vocals.


I listened extensively last weekend to the Sophia 2's. I detected a bit of vocal nasality on severel songs. On a particular CD (Chris Botti - Live in Boston) Chris Mcphee does a wonderful job on a rendition of Sinatra's - I got you under my skin. For some reason, her voice did not sound right. Again, there was an element of 'nasality' present that I never heard on this song before. I tried the same song on the Maxx 3's and this issue was not present.
The sales associate agreed there was some coloration. He said it was probably the room. Could be, but he did not offer to reset them in another room.

Again, at this point, I'm waiting for the 3's.

Hope that helps.

I have the Sophia 2's, has anyone had the opportunity to compare the 2's vs the 3's. Most upgrades seem to be marketing and offer minor sonic changes. If anyone could provide insight into the sonic differences between them I would apreciate it!

I believe they just started shipping the first of June. I doubt we will see an in-depth review on them for awhile. But judging by the differences between the watt puppy 8 and Sasha I would expect the changes made in Sophia 3 to make a bigger sonic changed than Wilson has made in the past (IE. Sophia1-Sophia2).
According to Wilson, the series 3 is more than a just a cosmetic upgrade. New tweeter and midrange drivers are being used -these from the Sasha and the Maxx (I believe). Also, the crossover is also being revised. These changes are siignificant enough that there is no upgrade path for the 2's -which is unfortunate.

Nevertheless, at this point, I might as well wait a bit an listen to the 3's before I finalize my purchase decision.

I was happy with my Sophia 2's; however the right speaker has developed a razor thin crack in the cabinet between the top and bottom portion of the speaker after only 10 months. Of course it's under warranty; however I have been given the option of getting the Sophia 3's for an additional $5000 or getting the cabinets rebuilt on the 2's with the original drivers and crossover installed in the new cabinets. I'm tired of spending money on highend and feel let down by the problem with my Sophia 2's. Really need feedback on how the 2's and 3's compare before I can make the best choice. I guess I will have to wait a while.

Sorry to hear about your problem but it could be a good thing. The Sophia 2 will have a lot less value in the used market once the Sophia 3 flood the market. I would take the upgrade in a heartbeat. In reality if you keep your Sophia 2 five more years their value will really drop but the new Sophia 3 will hold it value much longer. Not to mention you get a new toy to love all over again.

I guess what I am trying to say is you need to take the depreciation of the Sophia 2 out of the $5000 upgrade price. It seems like a lot less money then.

But again I do not know how much $5000 dollars is to you. I just assume people will high-end gear are not too bad off...
Thanks for the advice and I understand about the used market value. I'm not well off, I got to this point after 20 years as an audiophile, trading and saving over the years to get where I am. $5000 is significant to me!
IMO, I agree and diagree with J63..Wilsons are well documented for having finish issues.They also update or replace their line rather quickly compared to others ie Dynaudio which always hits the pocket books of those who own them.If it was my deal I would have them fix at no cost ,get them back and sell them as factory re-does.Their value will be at the peak the moment you receive them and will decline rather rapidly from that point forward.Weve already seen the prices on the Sophia2 drop from 9-10K used to 7-8 in a few weeks.I suggest buying another line...good luck
The problem with buying another line is I love the Wilson Sound...especially their dynamics.

What makes you feel let down by the high end, poor performance, service , quality?

06-07-10: Missioncoonery
IMO, I agree and diagree with J63..Wilsons are well documented for having finish issues.They

Hello ,
Where is it well documented that Wilson have finishing issues?

I have also seen it mentioned in a number of threads in regards to problems with the finish on Wilson speakers.I for one do not expect to have "finish" issues when paying 20-30 grand or more for speakers.
It's not poor performance, service , or quality. Prior to purchasing Sophia II's I heard rumors of Sophia 3's being in development,called Wilson directly and they denied anything was in the works. Less than 10 months later, the Sophia 3's!? I purchased the Sophia 2's with the thought of keeping them for several years, I don't have unlimited resources. Now at minimum I must pay $500 to ship them back to Wilson Audio. What ever I decide, I promise myself I won't purchase any new equipment for years.
and what would you have had Wilson do....divulge product plans for products in development whose first shipment was 8-10 months and thereby stall sales for all those months?
Ricred1,Sorry to hear your disappointment very unlike Wilson in my opinion to have finish issues.The point you raise about the dynamics is the reason I love them so much.Maybe the dealer you purchased them from could help out with the cost of getting them back to Wilson?
I have just ordered Sophia 3's as front speakers for my Home Theatre.
If you follow threads on this site, Wilson has finish issues.period!,,I really like the new Sasha speaker so im not bashing the line.I almost pulled the trigger on a pair of sophia 2s but the saleman let it slip that the new 3 would be shipped in a few months . I posted that info on this site.Several members disclaimed that which didnt really matter to me, Im glad I didnt buy them. Back to the OP,if you like Wilson them have them fixed
Hello Ricred1,

I understand very well and agree with your position!
To Missioncoonery,You should not make such a general statement like that about the finish without seeing at least one example for yourself!
That makes no sense.If owners complain about finish cracks on this site time and time again I dont need to see it,I beleive them.Really makes no diff as Im not interested in buying speakers at this time and I would think long and hard before buying Wilsons.The OP asked about opinions on what to do with his "made up issues" with the finish on his Wilsons.
I believe that is called 'hearsay'. It is unclear what value comes from folks who simply repeat what others write on Internet forums without the ability to offer direct evidence of their own.
I belive the finish issue was an on off, and was traced down by Wilson to the bad batch of glue. It affected various models, including the Maxx II. AFAIK all customers who reported this problem got brand new enclosures or even speakers, some even got a free color change/upgrade in the process. I'm on my second pair of Wilson speakers (first Sophia 2, and now Sasha) and never had ANY prblems.

The speakers do not sound any worse than the day you bought them. If you liked the sound then, you shoud like them now as much, irrespective of the new models.

I have owned in succession the Sophia 1's, WP7's/WATCHDog, MAXX2 and now MAXX3. All of them had a flawless quality finish. I have never heard of or seen complaints of finish issues in talking with many other Wilson owners either, though I am sure some likely exist. I'm sure based on my own experiences, whatever issues there may have been were resolved.

Best to let those who've had first hand experiences contribute their own issues if they have them. I recall a gentleman elsewhere in this forum who was bashing an electronics company on line and calling their QC and service bad because he had a buddy, who's local friend bought some expensive amps and had them short out on delivery. It turns out (reported by the actual dealer), not mentioned was the fact they were ship-damaged or the fact the company offered to replace them sight unseen. Loose references to other threads and others experiences are just that.

I'm hoping someday to own either a Sophia 3 or the Sasha.
The finish issue i've been hearing is also a concern considering the speaker of this price range.
To those who had this issue, does that crack get worst over time ?
It a rather difficult to remedy the problem if the unit does not reside in the US.
Say for those people that live in China, France or Southeast Asia. I guess, in short, they will have to live with those cracks. It is expensive to be shipping back speakers of this size to Provo Utah for repairs.
Other than this issue and my finances, I'm ready to go for a pair of these speakers.

Let me reiterate that I believe Wilson Audio and my dealer will do everything to correct the situation. My research has led my to conclude that the cracks were the result of a bad glue. It was isolated and it's my understanding that Wilson Audio went above and beyond to remedy the situation. I would not hesitate to buy Wilson products again and thats why I'm waiting to hear the Sophia 3's.

I agree about shipping them back to Utah, but I guess I have no choice.

The crack has not changed since it first appeared and there aren't any sonic effects.

Nice, simple system!
Looking forward to owning a Sophia or Sasha someday!! someday!
Thanks for the re-assurance.
Well, it is almost the middle of June. Has anyone had the chance to listen to the Sophia 3's?

Say for those people that live in China, France or Southeast Asia. I guess, in short, they will have to live with those cracks. It is expensive to be shipping back speakers of this size to Provo Utah for repairs.

AFAIK the so called 'repair' (which in fact was a cabinet swap) was only an option for US based customers.

Ppl living abroad, got a brand new pair of speakers instead. It was probably chosen by Wilson as a cheaper option for them (you only had to ship the speakers once). Cracked cabinets were scraped by distributors. This is a first hand info from my local distributor and a friend living in Poland who had this very issue. He ended with a brand new pair of Sophia 2 speakers, in a different, premium color (color change was free of charge, no less !). Since then, he upgraded to Maxx 2 and recently to Maxx 3, so I can safely assume, that his confidence in the company has not been shaken.

Let's face it - even the greatest companies have 'fuck ups' from time to time. Even Porsche does, and prolly RR too. The real test is, how those companies deal with them. IMO Wilson passed this test with flying colors, although it must have costed them a lot of money.

I did not hesitate for a second to get my first, and then second pair of Wilson speakers. And if they continue to improve their products at a current rate in the future, I will buy them again.
Ppl living abroad, got a brand new pair of speakers instead. It was probably chosen by Wilson as a cheaper option for them (you only had to ship the speakers once). Cracked cabinets were scraped by distributors

** that is very comforting news!!**
Just spent some serious time with the new Sophia3.

A definite improvement over the series 2.
That new midrange is obviously superior in every way to the older ScanSpeak sourced mid.
The delicacy, air, and presence are all improved upon.
In fact, I'd say the new series 3 is closer to it's bigger brother, the Sasha, than it is the older series 2.

It is definitely worth the audition to anyone and everyone who appreciates Wilson speakers!
Prdprez - Great! Looking forward to the experience. Where did you listen to them?