Wilson Sophia 2 vs B&W 802d

I am close to purchasing a set of Wilson Sophia 2's. I have embraced Home Theater on a limited basis using B&W 804s,B&W HTM3s, and Quad ESL-63's on the front. I enjoyed the set-up but, since music is 80%vs HT 20% I have elected to upgrade the front two channels and just go with a 2 channel HT for the moment. Since my processor allows phantom center with shifting to L/R of center channel, 2 channel is very appealing.

I believe the Wilson's are very musical and very detailed at lower volume levels.

Do you think the Wilson's will retain as much value as the 802d's on the used market?

Does anyone have any differing opinions on the selection of the Sophia 2's over the B&W 802d's? Thanks in advance
The Wilson Sophia is a wonderful speaker. And I agree with you sounds better than the 802. Both speakers take a big hit on resale. That would not be my main concern, it's the pleasure between the purchase and the sale that matters. Just a thought, at this level I would be thinking about speakers that I would want to keep for at least 5 years. If my memory is correct the Wilsons are about twict the price of the B&W 802. Here is where B&W has the edge The 802's are great speakers too. Wilsons have a musical bass and over all timbre that is more correct to true music. To sum things up if we took a scale of 1-10 I would rate B&W 802'd @ 8.5 -- Wilson Sophia 2 @ 8.8 Now the hard part is cost difference between the 2 great speakers. Good Luck
Horestoharleys...what do you mean by saying "Wilsons have a musical bass and over all timbre that is more correct to true music"? More correct to what true music?? What is true music?
"Wilsons are about twict (sic)the price of the B&W 802"

I think:

B&W 802D = $12,000
Wilson Sohia's = $9,500

I am correct on this?
Wilson Sophia 2's are 13,400. B&W 802D's are 12,000
I have the opportunity to purchase either speaker at the same price. Thank You for your feedback.
I am also considering the Sophia's, and B&W's. I have the green light but on the Wilson's but am considering the 803D's and some $ left to play around with. The Sophia's are incredible but at $14k they are pricey(for me). If I were choosing between the 802's and Sophia's I would go for the Sophia's. The 803 is a compromise I realize, but it is a great speaker to me.

Wish I could just make a decision.
I know what you mean about the decision. The more you solicit advice, the more advice you receive and have to process. On the B&W forum on another website a fellow has a great thread going on the 803d's. You may want to check it out.

I am leaning heavily towards the Sophia II's but the 803d is a great speaker
Here, let me add a couple ideas.
Maybe get used Watt Puppies-6 instead of new Sophias or last years 802s instead of the new 803Ds.

Just a second opinion. There are a few alternatives which will hammer both of these fine speakers and will cost less or outperform both.

I am a dealer for Escalante Designs. Escalante was started by Terry Budge, who was the lead designer for both Wilson and Talon. They make a $13,000 subwoofer and stand mounted monitor that competes with and betters the WP 7! In a recent review this system was compared to a $30,000.00 Kharma rig and was considered in the same class! Escalantes are like Wilson's huge dyanmics, extremly low bass down to 16hz! and will play at ridiculous volume levels!

Also have you considered the USHER speakers? The new BE 20 will also destroy both the WP 7 and any B&W. The technology behind the Usher's is far superior to what many companies are offering, Ie pure Beryillium midrange driver and pure Beryillium tweeter. These speakers are in the Avalon Eidilon Diamond class yet sell for half of what that speaker sells for.

Also the Dali Euphonia's are terrific speakers which lean towards speed in the bass and a midrange liquidity too die for!

I have been doing this for tweenty years, many audiophiles buy into the hype that runs many of the biggest high end products, if you know where to look you can get fantastic sound for less!
Hey Jetusmc, where is the B&W forum with the 803d thread?

Still leaning toward Sophia II myself also.

Never considered Ushers because I haven't heard them and don't know of any dealers where I can listen to them. I would love to find the sound of Sophia's for less, just haven't heard it yet.

Used is a very good idea, but the II's are relatively new(I think). The 802d on the other hand........definitely maybe.
http://www.htguide.com/forum/showthread.php4?t=19095....I hope posting this link is permissible...If not, I guess you will never see it.
If status is not a hangup for you, please find and the Pardigm S8's with good electronics(not anthem) for an audition. While I haven't heard the 802D or the Sophia's, I have auditioned the 802's and 3's in several setups. For my ears,the s8's are a step up from the std 802 in 2 channel and WAY better in HT. The 803's can't handle HT bass at all. IMO, like the previous post, B&W's don't reproduce from mid-bass on down. I purchased the s8's based on their 2 channel perf, the HT was just a bonus.
Thnaks for the forum link Jetusmc.

I can arrange to listen to the Paradigm for 2 channel purposes. There is a Paradigm dealer a couple hours away. I don't do home theatre unfortunately. I never really considered the 802 or 803 to be lacking much in the bass department(2 channel). But I don't have any experience with them in a home theatre setting either.

Well, I took the plunge and took delivery of my New Wilson Sophia MK2 tonight. I very excited about setting them up in the morning.

I really appreciate everyone's input and I am sure each one has there strengths and weaknesses. The decision basically was made by limiting my selection to speakers that were stocked by a dealer I have known for thirty years Thanks Again
Congratulations on the Sophia's. Let us know your impressions.
I belive you will be very happy. Until the upgrade bug hit again. LOL
You should be happy with the Sophia 2s....make sure you get dealer to help you set them up....that was key in my case...and I use to be in speaker design world....
Interested to hear what you will be powering them with - enjoy!