Wilson Sophia 2 tweeter repair/replacement


My Sophia 2 tweeter surround foam has degraded and now the tweeter makes significant distortion.  I called several repair shops who cannot repair them, in fact, you can only get the foam surround from France or China.

Over the past 3 weeks I have been trying to get support for replacement tweeters and have called Wilson service in Utah several times and they referred me to my local dealer, Innovative Audio in NYC, who I also called and emailed several times with no follow-up.

I purchased the speakers from Woodbridge Stereo in NJ and they do not carry the brand any longer.

Does anyone have experience with Wilson tweeter repair/replacement or know of a responsive Wilson dealer they can recommend?



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Try Paragon Sight and Sound in Ann Arbor. They are known nationally and are a major Wilson dealer. You can call them directly and they tend to provide good service. 


I would absolutely recommend that you give Bill at Millersound a call as Wilson is on the list of speakers they repair.  I consider Millersound one of the premiere speaker repair facilities in the US and Bill is easy to talk to and a straight shooter.  Back when they did work for me they were incredibly reasonable.  If he repairs your tweeter you can count on it being as good as new, it's all they do.

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Thanks very much for the suggestions! 

I just sent an email to Millersound. Hopefully, he can repair the tweeters and he would be a great resource down the road if the other speakers fail.

If he can't repair them then I'll try Paragon, I have purchased Audio Research gear from them in the past and found them very responsive.


Just wanted to post a follow up note.

Good news is that I received a note from David at Wilson Audio and replacement tweeters are avaialble for Sophia 2's'   He offered assistance in working with a dealer of my choice in getting a pair in a week.

Even better news is I sent the tweeters to Bill at  Millersound and he repaired them with custom made surrounds for $140 per pair. Thanks @jetter for that recommendation!  They sound better than the day  I got them ( I have better assoc gear).  He does outstanding work, is a real gentleman to work with, and prices are very reasonable

I'm surprised his name isn't pasted over the internet as I scoured the forums looking for Wilson Sophia repair/ replacement and only found a difficult youtube video.

Highest recommendation and thanks to Millersound Speaker repair!