Wilson Sophia 2 or Focal Electra 1037 be?

I have neither heard Sophia 2, nor 1037 be. I read positive feedbacks about sophia and I am familiar with with electra 1027 be since I own one. However I anticipate what kind of sound 1037 be would offer: better bass control because of tripled 18.5cm woofers, better stage, imaging, revised crossover that might help mids with more body....I have Musical F. Kw500, Pass X250.5, Boulder 810 preamp. My main source is Musical F. Kw dm25 Dac and Tranport. I use both setups independently, only change speaker cables, each amplifier has its own pair.(Vandenhul Revelation for Kw500, supernova for Boulder&Pass)So far, so good everybody happy. Here comes real life case: If I buy sophia2 it means I have to give up Electra 1027be because I can't stock two speakers next to each other, since space is premium. Can Sophia2 bring me day and night improvement over electra be range? The tweeter that sophia has a old titanium inverted focal one which is inferior compared to beryllium one electra has. This is my reservation concerning wilson speakers.(if you ask wilson guys, they say they don't need because there is no need to jump on diamond,silver,gold,beryllium tweeter wagon; but in reality Focal charged too high for be drivers and didn't want to share knowledge and didn't accept ''custom Wilson in house modifications'')
Opinions wellcome.
Magico Mini's! Expensive and little. TAS says best thing since sliced bread. Haven't heard 'um myself, of course
I have heard the Wilsons several times and the 1037s on one occasion. Unfortunately, they were not in the same system. I have heard the Wilsons with Ayre, Levinson, Krell, Classe and Nagra amps/preamps and enjoyed them on every occasion. The 1037s I heard mated with BAT gear (the new 32 preamp and I think a 200 watt solid state amp) and I thought they were outstanding - excellent imaging and soundstaging - so much so that I have put them on my list as a possible upgrade in the future. I don't think you could go wrong with either speaker. The Wilsons may hold their value better for resale purposes but may also cost a few grand more on the initial purchase.
If you are happy with the Focal House Sound stick with it. You have the components upstream to enjoy the upgrade.

The Wilson Sophia's have a very different presentation and you need to listen to them at a dealer (worth the trip) hopefully your Wilson dealer will have spent the time to set them up correctly (right synergy)

I like Focal's and have listened all the way up the line but still bought Wilson Watt Puppy 7. I like the exacting perspective and the speed. I'm an ex-planar guy looking for dynamics.. The top end on the new Sophia 2's are really impressive. 1/4" increments can the difference between like and love, but your Wilson dealer will take care of that setup in house. Sophia's are a lot easier to system match and setup than the WP's.

Another way to look at it is .......
Do you like traditional Wood or modern Paint?
The single 10 inch bass might be a much easier load to drive than three 7" drivers - this might be a consideration. Frankly I would not lose sleep over a tweeter; mid range and bass are where most of the music is...

Can't you audition them side by side?

Magico mini is not available in my country, bookshelf speakers are not usable in my case since I have 2 years old son.

I don't have chance to hear it in dealer simply because I live almost 700 miles away nearest audio dealer.
About paint, I prefer wood but I can change sophia's paint work by local Audi work shop since they have original Audi paints:)(dealer has a black sophia and black is not my favourite color)
I would bet the 7" woofers are faster and have better bass definition compared to a single 10". It takes a very large damping factor to control a 10" driver correctly.

I would go for the 1037 since you like your 1027. The Wilsons are more precise but less musical IMO. Depends on personal taste as to which is better but I always go for the music.

thanks for everyone. I have requested Sophia 2 from dealer and arriving on monday. If it makes a dramatic change in total, I may keep it as primary speaker and exchange kw500 for it. If it is a wonderful speaker as written by audio industry, I will exchange 1027 be and stick with wilson. If all the things were incorrect about Wilson Sophia 2, basically if it is overrated, than, I will post it back where it originaly came from.
Imo, Utopia range is better but I do expect a change in line before upcoming 2007 fall.So investing on alto utopia be is not logical thing to do right at this moment.

Looking forward to your comments regarding the Sophia 2....

I responded to your comments in the X-2 thread. In case you don't see it I will comment here.

First off, your dealer is a jerk because if he isn't smart he will lose you as a customer and perhaps could even jeopardize his Wilson dealership which could be yanked.

It is most unusual to blow a driver as the resistor is first in the signal path and any heavy load will blow the resistor thus sparing the driver. Have you opened the back panel to determine if it is a resistor? Have you looked to make sure that the cross over cables are firmly attached to the appropriate binding post? I have owned almost the entire Wilson line and I can tell you that it is rarely a driver which blows. If so then it can easily be replaced by a matching driver as Wilson audio keeps all of those specs on EVERY speaker that they make.

Things you are telling very serious issues concerning wilson audio's reliability, reputation....
I haven't bought sophia 2 and I will not buy it untill I hear day and night difference between 1027be and sophia 2.

Why don't you bring your speaker to wilson audio factory and demand your right?

Why do you keep recomending the Minis, speakers that you have never even heard? And especially when in every instance, they are priced well above the price range of the speakers actually in question.

Expect a big difference between Sophia 2 and 1027. You will have a lot more bass which will change everything. Not to mention that an additional $5000 should make a difference.

And you are swapping them out in the same room? I cannot imagine a room that would be optimal for 1027 would also be optimal for Sophia 2. But keep us posted anyway.

on monday sophias arrived, late in the evening, I could manage to put speakers into action by help 0f 3 strong friend. I will post a short review soon.
I have owned the Focal 1027 Be and now the Sophia1, and in my system (Krell) the Wilson Speakers were clearly in a different league than the Focals. The 1027 Be are a good mid-fi Speaker. The Sophia rival some of the best Speakers ever made (for a normal sized listening room). Your new Sophia2s should make the 1027 Bes sound broken.
Yeah you need strong friends with Sophia's... Watt Puppies are much easier to setup since they split in two... But the Wilson crate design is really smart, so do the voicing (aka the manual) and roll the crates over where you want the speakers and just pull them out into place.
Now it is my fourth day with sophias and I couldn't find any reason to reposition the speakers or try another amplifier, cable ,...even for state of emergency, dealer brought Nordost Valhalla. But with little effort, we could set the speaker and install the spikes. The trick is not written in black wilson users manual: you need to have a carpet laid down. Rest of the job is push speakers to their positon while speakers laying down in almost sleeping position. But nevertheless this is two man work.
Dealer played his own discs and told me ''perfect'' sound, ''perfect match'' for Pass/Boulder combination. Well, I really don't remember how sophias sounded first night simply because I was half sleeping: I am real life person, I work for my living during the day and sometimes in the nights as well. Dealer slept over night in my place and following day I sent him back where he came from but exept ''sophia'' . She stayed with me.
I don't know why but somehow I removed the protective film next day right after having sent the dealer to the airport. I switched the setup on and..........wow!(world of wonders)....
to be continued.
Well, at least all that extra money didn't get wasted! :) Enjoy your new babies - I would be proud too.


do u mean moving the speakers into their "ideal" position first BEFORE setting the spikes???

cos I dont get how u can move/slide the speakers when the spikes are dug into the carpet.

unless u lift the babies up (whole 70kg of it) and start poking holes into your wool carpet.
pls advise.

Congratulations. Time to update your virtual system pics!

Obvioulsy you are happy but do let us all know how the presentation differs from the electras...
first we installed spikes while speakers were laying paralell.than we gently slided sophias to their position and lifted up.
I will post review and pictures by sunday due to my trip for weekend. This post done by mobile phone.
In every respect Sophia 2 is a better speaker: amazing bass and control, perfect mids even comparable to Sonus Faber Amati Ani., highs are not overemphasized as 1027/1037be; just in place as it has to be, neither backward nor forward sounding; every single instrument is accurately positioned to listener, just raise the volume a bit or more you get every instruments with full , lifelike textures. These are positive points as far as Sophia 2 concerned. I don't have any idea how series one sophia was but I can guess it was not a bad speaker for money.
In my opinion it is not fair to compare with 1027 be because price is not even similar: sophia 2 is 2 times more expensive than 1027 be.
I think it is more proper to compare design philosophies and overall thinking of two companies.(wilson vs focal, European vs American)
For me biggest suprise is how wilson audio can achieve such a perfect performance with ordinary drivers. It is far beyond of my understanding how come these drivers make a speaker sound good indeed? Personly I wouldn't choose scanspeak drivers and focal titanium inverted dome tweeters if I build my own one. I think its crossover and cabinetry are very succesfull parts of the design. Even I don't know what kind of compound wilson uses for its cabins but speaker, overall very good. It can be last speaker of a normal audiophile. Recommended heartly.
Well said Mert and thanks for the follow up. Congratulations on a happy purchase.
Congratulations Mert, I'm right behind you, starting to save-up now for a Sophia2 purchase later this year. An amazing Speaker only bettered by the W/P8 for under $30K. The Focal 1027/1037 are Tweeter-centric Speakers > no comparison to Wilsons. Enjoy!
System pictures upgraded...
Repaint that back wall!

Which midrange do you prefer, the Sophia 2's or the SF?
I love both speakers. I am thinking to amplify SF with a dedicated poweramp in soon future. I haven't decided what to buy for SF.(Pass labs xa-30.5, Nuforce 9v2........)
The Sophia 2 is an amazing speaker. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. I'm now waiting for a pair of Focal Nova Utopia Be. I haven't heard Focal Electra 1037 be so can't comment....
I have already bought Sophia 2 almost 3 years ago. Plaese check my setup