Wilson Sophia 2: grills on or off ?

A question to Sophia 2 owners: how do you listen to your Sophias ?

With the grills on or off ?

With the grills on I found the a bit dark sounding.
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I have WP 8's. I swear they are a little more open and focused with the grills off. My dealer doesn't think I could pass a double blind test on this...it's close, but there is that little bit more focus IMO...
Sharp edged baffles are best listened to with the grills on...there will be less edge diffraction. If you like it with grills off then add some quarter round wood so as to make smooth edges.
I had Sophia 1's and I listened to them both ways, and to be honest, to my ears there wasn' t much difference, at least in the nearfield. Since I was always paranoid about bumping into my speakers in my small room, I left the grills on. I think they look better this way anyway.
I have WP7 and Sophias and have listened with grills both on and off and could not hear a real difference. I leave my grills on. The grill material is very thin and transparent.
In my system the difference is quite substantial. There is more detail and air with the grills taken off.
Since I don't have a mind of my own I do what "Mikey" does; I listen to my Soph2's w/grills off.
I have Sophia 2's as well. I always listen with the grills on. For me, whenever I take the grills off I can see the speaker diaphragms moving (woofer and mid), even in a dark room, and this dramatically takes away from the illusion of reality for me due to my shift in concentration.
In my system the difference is quite substantial. There is more detail and air with the grills taken off.

That is an unusual observation - the normal effect of edge diffraction is a "claustrophobic" or "cluttered sound" - the sound also becomes more identifiable as coming from each individual speaker rather than imaging somewhere in space between the two speakers....most noticeable on the sound of cymbals which may collapse in soundstage.

However, the very small triangular baffle of the Sophia mid and tweeter means that this issue may not be noticeable at all - you still get edge diffraction but it occurs so close to the primary signal that your ears may not pick it up ( this is why thin speakers and small satellites often do the "disappearing act" so well ). In this case, perhaps the grill itself is introducing an altered form of edge diffraction that you don't like. In any case, it is almost universally accepted that smooth rounded baffle edges are better than sharp edges, which is why it is usually best with the grill on.
I actually prefer the sound of my WP7s with the grills on. I do hear a slight, but noticeable increase in high frequency "sparkle" and definition with the grills off, but I feel that this comes at the expense of a slight degree of smoothness that is of more value to me.
I had the Sophia 2s and preferred using them with the grills on...seemed to have a modest...very modest impact at taming the somewhat hot high end to make them more musical...I suspect, pure guess on my part, that they were designed to have the grills on...can't spectulate on the 7s or 8s...but I suspect the same would be true on the 8s given the more thoughtful grill system...