Wilson Sophia 2

anybody give details
I hear that the crossover is getting upgraded as well as a new tweeter. Thats all that I heard
I have already called my dealer. I expect it will be a better speaker and of just about as much importance: The price will drop on the version 1----We all know how that goes.
anybodys guess as what a 1 or 2 yr old pair of Sophias should go for, now that the new ones were announced ??
I am guessing between $6500 to $7500. Anything below that would be a true bargain and a steal. These speakers are truly amazing. I am curious how much improvement the 2 will be - maybe the bass? I would hate to give up the mid-range of the current Sophia though.
I just spoke to a authorized Wilson dealer and he said that the Sophia II's will be out next month. The changes will consist of new tweeter, new crossover, better imaging and a new grill attachemnt system with the lack of the velcro. ie Maxx 2 and Alexandria. He said they will be priced at 13,900. If you purchased your Sophia's before 1/1/04 (as I did) the upgrade will cost $4,000 plus shipping. On the upgraded models they will not be able to change the way the grills attach to the speakers. Hope this helps.
I posted this in aother thread.>> My dealer is selling my speakers to a buyer in our area. He will deliver my new 2's, sometime in Dec. and take my speakers to that buyer,all on the same day;and all for the cost of the upgrade,only. --Great dealer,huh?