Wilson Sophia 1's vs 2's

Anyone owned both Sophia 1's and 2's? I'm trying to evaluate the potential gains vs. the cost difference. I would be changing out of my Aerial 10T's. System is a Marantz SA7S1 CDP and a last generation Krell stack (KCT and FPB400cx). Thanks!
So very hard to quantify. The 2's are better in just about every way but they sound very similar. That is a big time personal call on whether it is worth the added cost. I do think the 1's are an absolute incredible value at the current prices. I think either would sound great with your Krell stuff.
I think either way will be awesome. If budget can afford, the S2 is the way, otherwise S1 = bang for buck!
Do you know if the 2's improvements moved it in the direction of the W/P 7's towards becoming a more reveling speaker rather than moving along the more "musical nature" of the Sophia 1's?

To me, the 2 is more of what the 1 brings than the "revealing" nature of the WP. I hear Simply a bit more dynamic and focused Sophia sound and like the way you worded it..."musical". I am personally drawn to the WP sound more so than Sophia but it sure seems most prefer the musicality vs the revealing. I want laser accuracy and precision from my speakers and music from my music.
Thank you for your perspective. I have off and on thought about buying the 2's but have been afraid of loosing the "nature" of the 1's. The 1's are a very good speaker and have handled every improvement to my system with ease, they still surprise me with their capabilities i.e. dynamics....

I guess it's a matter of funds, if three thousand dollars isn't a problem then it seems the 2's are the choice. In my situation I have something to loose and aren't sure the improvement/risk is worth it, your original question! The change for me would have to be to the S3's or W/P 8's. Your in a win win situation the 1's or the 2"s are a good choice!!! I wanted to give you the perspective of a happy S1 owner and how good the 1's are, it's not about the money for me but I don't want the trouble/inconvenience for a "small" improvement. Hope this helps it's a tough choice!!!

the improvement between the 1 and the 2 are pretty significant and discernable, however, if its me and if i'm in your shoes. I would not bother with the S2s, perhaps S3s would be a more logical choice when they come out in the used market in the future.
If aint broke, why fix it ??
I probably shouldn't have used the word "small". I was thinking about buying a new set of S3's but at this point I don't know what I'm going to do!!!! You put it very well "if it ain't broke, why fix it"!!!
Hi Samhar,

You have an awesome system ! wow to say the least.
Once you change the speakers, you might have to reconfigure the rest of your system.
Offtopic: Do you still have the koetsu rosewood & urushi ?
Big difference ?
I sent you an e-mail so we don't totally hijack this thread.
I just bought W/P 8's and the Sophia 2 is said to be very similar to the 8's. I wanted to amend my Sophia 1 love story and recommend the Sophia 2 or if you have enough funds to get the 8's (used) definitely look at them as they are simply fantastic!!
Congrats on the Wilson 8s. Are these a lot better than the Sophia 2s ?
"Congrats on the Wilson 8s. Are these a lot better than the Sophia 2s " I believe Samhar had the Sophia mk. 1's.
Hi Noli Fjn04 is correct I had the 1's as I'm sure you knew. After hearing the Maxx 3's and the Sasha I wanted the W/P 8's bass and higher sensitivity. So for me yes it's better!!
Glad all worked out Samhar! congrats nonetheless.