Wilson Sophia 1 or Puppy 5.1

Hi all,

I have an Audio Research vsi60 integrated amp with 40 watts and was wondering if Wilson Sophia 1 or Puppy 5.1 is a better match since both are selling used about the same price...
I purchased the Sophia 1 new even though the WP 6 was being sold new for $1,000 more by the same dealer to make room for the WP 7s that were soon to come in. I thought the Sophia had a better and more musical tone than the WP 6 and the WP 5. That all changed for me with the WP7, 8 and Sasha which built on that wonderful tonality which first appeared in the Sophia. Just my opinion. In this case I'd go Sophia.
I would go with none of them....
Sophia would be my choice.
very helpful Stereotaipei.
Sophia 1 pros:
Easy to load
Easy to make them sound "right"
Sweeter highs

Wp 5.1 pros:
You can play with WATT tilt
You can get better mid/bass response
More transparent sound but you need better electronics

Imho I will prefer WP because you will get better sound with some work, if u simply prefer to install your speakers and play your music go for Sophias...
The Sophia. First, it's a better match with your amp. Second, the 5.1's are getting fairly old. The material they used as face padding starts to crumble with time. You don't want to know what they want to replace it! Unless that has been replaced on the pair you're looking at, DQ.

I bought my 5.1's early on. While I can only speak for my pair, when I was about to sell them I noticed that the bass drivers had developed some hairline cracks. Something to consider on speakers 15+ years old.

In the Wilson line, the Sophia. But unless you're going to go with a more powerful amp down the road, even with the Sophia you're not going to be able to take full advantage with 40 watts.
Of course you should check global drivers condition from both speakers you finally buy, Sophia 1 or WP-5.1