Wilson Sasha vs. Magico V3

Has anyone had an opportunity to compare these two speaker systems?
i'd be very interested myself.
Yes, the Sasha sounded overpriced and the V3's sounded really overpriced:O) Think outside the box...try Magnepan!
LMAO... and the Magnepan's are nearly one trick ponies. I'm not trying to start a shit storm here but I couldn't help but get a kick from the above response! :)
I've owned Wilsons, considered Magico and had many other high end box speakers. If you truly appreciate live acoustic music, the Magnepans can transport you like no other I've heard. I find it hilarious that a speaker designer will scale up huge cost factors in an effort to reduce the effects of the one fundemental flaw in their designs...THE BOX! They are doomed from the start. I live 5 miles from Overture Audio so I've either owned or demo'd at length many wonderful speakers. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed some of my time with the likes of Wilson, Dynaudio, Dunlavy (in retrospect a superior design to most available today at any cost)etc... MG3.6R's and 20.1's when correctly used do so many things near state of the art that in total, deliver a more realistic portrayel of a concert. Now if were talkin PA systems...well?
I for one would like to read about the comparison in the original poster's question.

Has anyone compared the Sasha vs. Magico V3? What amps were in use?
I heard them on Spectral and Krell electronics.
And what were your impressions??
Well, they were demo conditions of course which can only tell you so much about a product. Living with something in another environment with various different ancillaries is another thing entirely...but then again, most of this is understood. On classical and acoustic jazz (my mainstay), the Sasha/Krell/Ayre/Audioquest setup (which was the least ideal)sounded full, and defined with oodles of presence. Very smooth, bold and spacious sounding. The Magico V3's/spectral/MIT rig sounded slightly more refined, nuanced and full of acoustical cues...a clear musical window on the performance with terrific detail. I think the V3's would become addictive over the long haul and have you exploring your music collection all over again, while the Sasha's may offer more energy and vibrancy ala a closer perspective....front row seats anyone? Both offer great soundstaging, definition and dynamic swing (the sasha's more brutaly so perhaps). For my taste, I think I'd go with the sultry smoldering V3's in contrast to the bodacious in your lap presentation of the Sasha's.
Thanks. Helpful.
I just want to say that I think Dave's last post here is right on the money in terms of how he describes the differences between Magico and Wilson.
Difficoult, if impossoble to compare the speakers using totally different set of electronics and cables.

At this performance level, where a single component can make or break a system (not to mention a series of components !) it just doesn't make any sense.