Wilson Sasha versus Watt Puppy 8

Hi Folks:

Recently had the opportunity to listen to the Wp's successor with a Boulder amplifier. That was also a treat because it was the first Boulder I have ever heard. Impressive but not to my taste.

In any event, I was slightly surprised to find that I prefer the sound of the WP 8, which, to this day, is the best Wilson I have ever heard and that includes the original Alexandria and the excellent MAXX 2's. The Sasha sounded a bit more "refined" but, at least on this system, seemed to give up a little richness in the treble and bass energy. Still a very good speaker indeed. Anyone notice the same thing on other systems?

My WP 8 experience was in New York at the last Sterophile show with the amazing BAT VK150SE's. A fantastic time indeed.

I heard the 8s when they were introduced. I thought they were a step back from the 6s and 7s. I didn't care for them at all. I will be hearing the Sasha, in a home environment, soon. A friend is have a new pair being delivered on Friday.

I never cared for any W/P before the 6 and I've never been enamored of the big Wilsons.

I am sure the Sasha's and other Wilson speakers sound very good.I just can't get excited about a speaker that looks like a trash receptacle in a high school cafeteria !!!!!
>I am sure the Sasha's and other Wilson speakers sound very good.I just can't get excited<

Ok, we get it already....

You are starting to sound like a broken record...

No one is forcing you to read my posts.Feel free to skip over them.

You are wrong!
I am, (at this very minute, no less!), holding Shakey's face in front of the monitor, and forcing him to read your posts!
(I've had to resort to using duct tape to hold his eye lids open on number of occasions, but today he is resisting less than usual!)

To be honest, I am less than thrilled with their looks too, but only because I find them kind of boring looking, not because I find them ugly. Sonically, I find them to sound good, but not great, IMHO. (If someone were to give me a pair, I could put up with them.) I prefer speakers with a bit more of a design flare myself.

My two cents worth.

PS Shakey, it would be easier to write this if you would stop twisting and turning so much!!!!!
Wow you guys are tough on the overpriced mighty Wilson's. Very surprised to see so much criticism. I've liked Wilson's in the past but thought they really didn't compete well with other speakers in their price class.

If say the MAXX was in the price group of the Puppy(haven't heard the Sasha's) I would say Wilson would have a fighting chance. Other than that they are very well built and do have a unique sound but nothing that really blows you away

Coincident PMC & Westlake would be worth a listen to compete with Wilson
At the last CES show I heard the Sasha'S with BAT's reference mono amps. They sounded extremely good. More musical then my WP7's. They also sounded good with AR amp, preamp and Continuum $100,000 plus turntable. A very bad match with Lamm Hybrid Amps. I never liked the Boulder sound- clinical. Now for my money the difference between the Wilson 7 and possibly the 8's (never heard them) and the Sasha's is not great enough to match the price difference of used vs New plus the significant price increase.
The very best speaker combo at the show was the Maxx3 with Lamm's best amp and preamp. A different Level all together.

If room size was not an issue I would buy the WP 8 for now and wait a few years for the MAXX3 to be on the used market. That's what I am going to do.
IMO what you were hearing is the difference in amplification (Boulder Solid State -vs- BAT Tubes). Wilson speakers do a great job in revealing the components connected to them.

BAT Tubes would sound more musical and laid back compared to Solid State electronics.... I have never been a fan of Wilson speakers, until the Sasha...
I'm with Kwb on this one.

You should have listened to Sasha with BAT gear. It gives Sasha completely different sonic perspective than Boulder.
I've owned both the WP8s & Sashas, which have afforded me the luxury of listening to each of them in my home environment. To my ears the Sashas are a big step forward. I used them both with Lamm M1.2 Ref monos. I really love the presence that the Sashas have. The 8s had the same presence, but to a lesser degree. Happy Listening.

Thank you for the comments. The Lamm M1.2 stands alone. I have never heard anything like it and if I can find the best preamp to go along with it, I'd like to own them someday.

03-03-10: If room size was not an issue I would buy the WP 8 for now and wait a few years for the MAXX3 to be on the used market. That's what I am going to do.

great advice. W/P 8 to Sasha is an incremental jump. Used Maxx 3 will be a huge jump when they are more common & older on the used market in a year or two.
Hi Danhirsh. As far as preamps go, here are a few that are heralded by dealers and reviewers alike ( when pairing with the M1.2):

- VTL 7.5
- Audio Research Ref 5
- Lamm LL2.1
- Lamm L2 Reference

I'm partial to the Lamm L2 reference even though it does not use a remote control.

Thanks for the advice. I love the ARC Ref 5 and Ref 5SE even more. The 40th Anniversary Reference, I would like to hear someday.


I am listening to my wp 8 as I write this and I do love them but was thinking of either a Sasha used set or possibly the new Sasha 2 but then again maybe waitinga few years for a used Alexia
Any thoughts anyone ?
Hi Bianco:
I've had Wilsons since the WP6. I thought the biggest improvements overall were between WP 6 and WP 7. But even more so the WP 8 to Sasha. The Sashas are significantly better in every way, especially in a more natural midrange than the WP 8. Obviously, few have heard the Sasha 2 but based upon the design changes, it looks like the biggest difference will be in the tweeter and the crossover from the mid to the tweeter.
I have heard the Alexia and XLFs on numerous occasions and can say that the tweeter has a slightly different sound than the tweeter that you are used to. I have not yet decided if I like the new tweeter better than the old. I never really found the old tweeter lacking. May be a great time to grab a used Sasha.
This forum needs a moderator. The OP asked about the difference between Sasha and Puppy NOT if Wilsons are any good.