Wilson Sasha Spike adjustment help?

I would like some help with regards to the Watt head adjustments. Wilson provided spikes with 4 different heights to tilt the back of the module. I found using no.3 too lean but getting too much bass with no.2! I wondered the best sound should come from the height between 2 and 3, so I used a coin at the buttom to raise the number 2 spikes a bit and it works. Yet, I think this is not the best way so I wonder anyone have played around with those adjustments and if any after market spikes with custom height can be found? cheers.
Intresting.. has anyone got any personal stories as how they set up these speakers?
The spike height and propogation delay tilt for the watt upper unit are based on table values in the manual based in part on ear height from the listening position and distance back from speakers. Read your manual.
Hi, those spike are very close in tolerance and need matching to ear height and distance from speaker...

Wilson posts the manuals online here http://wilsonaudio.com/support_manuals_current.shtml

They also have older models posted (you'll see the link easily)

Do you not have the kit that came with the speakers? It should have all the spikes of various sizes....
I actually got and read everything! What I believe is for those spikes and also those resistors, they seems reactive to sound tuning. I have read people changing the resistor's value to tune the tweeters to suit different show conditions. I am sure someone might have had ideas of how to tweeked them to thier likings.
did you buy your sasha's new? your dealer should have set them up perfectly. you are right, every change (spikes, resistors) will alter their sound

You have GREAT pair of speakers...what is the rest of your system ? Do you have any room treatments?
I am the 2nd owner and my pair is 18 months old. I was still using those wheels before but when I start spiking them to the floor, they sounded totally different. I have to use the longest spikes for the top units now and they are sounding very natural with highs and mids. My equipment: CJ Premier 350, Herron 3A pre, JPS SC3 ic/spk cable and Raven One TT. I think I am getting only 70% of its best with the bass still not as tight as I hoped. Overall, this is by far the best sounding speakers I have owned!
1. distances from the front and side walls to the outside rear corner of the puppy.

2. L-W-H dimensions of the room.

3.distance tweeter to tweeter and tweeters to ears.
Here's a hint from John at AudioConnection in New Jersey who helped me set up my Vandersteens. I found that using this suggestion greatly increased the focus and 3 dimensionality of my speaker....I presume that it will do the same for yours...... Get a laser pen light (very cheap on the internet), put it on top of one of your seakers and train the red dot on your back wall - behind your seated position. Mind you, you're not interested in aiming the dot at you in your seated position. Put a sticky note (post-it) on your back wall and put a dot with a felt pen where the red laser dot is. Do the same for the other speaker...the goal is to have both dots superimposed on each other. You might have to shim - raise or lower one of the speakers.... Try it...I'm sure you'll be happy.