Wilson Sasha or W/P match with Pass Labs

I'd like to get some opinions on how well the Wilson Sasha will go with Pass XP preamp + XA / X.5 power amps. My concern is whether the resulting sound will be too warm or dark. How about older Watt / Puppies like the System 8?
I heard the Sasha when it first came out with Pass XA100.5s/XP20 pre I believe and it was wonderful..but Im a fan of both products so maybe bias.IMO Pass and those speakers are a great match sonically,dont know about the W/P 8s.
I run an XP-30, XA-100.5's and W/P 8's. Not dark at all. Think neutral.
XA-100 or XA-160 if you can afford them

X-250.5 is still an awesome combo with them.
Rockitman your system looks crazy (awesome)...

Any comments on how the Sasha and the W/P8 sound differently in this context?
I auditioned the Sasha multiple times driven by various gears and I couldn't find any weakness at all, except its price. If I ever can afford to upgrade from my B&W 801N, Sasha would be next.
I wouldn't match Wilson with Pass amps, especially not Sasha's. They are hard to drive and with the XA 100.5s the bass will be loose and boomy.

I own Sasha's and had the Pass amps for a while. It's too bad because otherwise they are incredible amps.
I own Sasha's and drive them with Densen B-350s.http://www.ultrahighendreview.com/densen-b-350-monoblock-power-amplifier/, My room is 20'x 26'and I think they drive them fairly well. I listen to contemporary jazz and nothing with very deep bass, but when music has bass it's tight and quick.
I just saw this thread and wanted to add my experience.

We have a Meridian 800 & 861 front end, MIT Oracle cables and Wilson Sasha speakers. I believe I spoke with Madfloyd when I was considering a new pair of amplifiers. Madfloyd was kind enough to explain his experiences with his 100.5's, that he was a bass player and that he absolutely loved the Lamm 1.2 amp's.
So - off to Innovative (in NYC) I went to listen to the Lamm amplifiers. They certainly are great amplifiers, and after EXTENSIVE direct comparitive listening - I found them to have strong bass. Closest were the Spectral amplifiers, which were a little more dry / lean and yes fast. The Lamms had more warmth and had slightly more bass emphasis.
I'm being VERY critical and could live with either - so please don't respond back and be upset with my statements. I'm merely sharing what I listened to and heard.
So, what did I get? Just to be safe and not have to worry about bass, our Sasha's are now run by a pair of Pass XA-200.5's and they sound more natural then anything I've heard to date. But - to be fair, the MIT MA-X2 balanced interconnects and MA-X SHD speaker cables have a lot to do with this also (with a combine retail of more then the Pass amplifiers!).
Kindest regards, Thomas.