Wilson Sasha or the new B&W 800 Diamond

Well, it's just about time for me to upgrade my speakers.I was wondering if anyone has compared these 2 models. Any input is appreciated.
Best if you can audition both but my vote goes to the Sasha after hearing both speakers in a number of different systems.
I just can't get over the tweeters of the BW speakers.
I heard the B&W Diamond Tweeter speakers and the whole 1 hour speach was on how hot the diamonds were and took 3 days to make and what fantastic tweeters they were, and when the speakers had music played through them it was the lowest bass cello that I ever heard. I listened to them for an hour then listened to wilson sophia II's and it took less than 20 seconds for me top determine that the wilsons sounded better. I don't remember what amp was used with the B&W's but the wilsons were hooked up to a Mac275 that sounds more SS than tube to me. I guess it's still up to the listener. I will get to hear the Sashas next week.
Were these the latest 800 diamonds which only recently became available or the 800D ? I ask cause if you heard them " in a number of systems" it leads me to believe they were the old 800D. I was never overly impressed by the old D series .
I don't think either of these guys saw that you wrote the new diamond 800 or heard them either.
Best Johnnyr
i heard the BW800 non-diamond...
I do know what I heard and can buy either speaker or both. IMO anyone that would pay retail for either speaker is foolish.
Well How bout that There ya go what did I Tell ya
as they say in Minnesota you betcha.
I've heard the "new" 802D, and unless the new 800D is substantially better (it was not the case in the previous generation) the 802 is a good indicator of the 800. The new generation is better to my ears (if aural memory is worth anything, especially in two different rooms), but I still haven't heard the B&Ws image very well, and I wasn't all that pleased with the way solo piano sounded, but I couldn't put my finger on why. I've often wondered if the 800/802D have some unusual dispersion pattern in the midrange.

I heard the Sasha the same day, and while the B&W isn't perfect, I thought it bested the Sasha on cymbals & strings. I liked the Sasha better on piano. Go figure.

In this price range I still like the Revel Salon 2 and the KEF 207/2 better than either the B&W or the Wilson.
Thank you for your thoughtful response. I have heard a lot of good things about those Kef's as well.
I'd highly recommend hearing the KEFs and the Revels, though they are both difficult to find in most areas. I heard the KEFs first, and almost bought them on the spot. The KEFs are very impressive, but it was the Revels that ultimately won me over. Either is a great choice.
These two speakers need serious High End Power Amps to push out there bests... and you will never go wrong with either one... also @ Polk-432 and @AudioConnection <> My brother and I were lucky enough to listen to them pairing with different Power Amps System and were able to get them for reasonable discounted... $20K Canadian for Sasha and $14K Canadian taxes inclused and
My brother has a set of Sasha and paired with CARY AUDIO CAD-211FE Tube Amps and I got a pair of B&W 802 The New Diammond Series and paired them with Bryston 28 SST2

Sonny from Ottawa