Wilson Sasha - new model to be released

Does anyone have details on the new model?
It will cost more than the old model.
why they aren't putting a soft-dome tweeter in the Sasha is beyond me. IMHO the Watt-Puppy level in Wilson speakers is THE point at which they succeed or fail to make the best all-round speaker in their line-up. They should pressurize just about any room in most homes, and provide full-range performance. Above that, again in my opinion, there is only one real upgrade and that is the XLF. I like the new Duettes except they aren't meant to be an all-round monitor (?) which is really weird- the originals were adaptable to placement away from the walls as well as near to the walls. They as well as the A-XLF both have new tweeters and advanced cabinet technology. the Alexia is a "nice" choice for $50K
(but please- not in ORANGE) but costs too d___n much.
Attention David W.- (Please put an 8 and a 10 in the watt-puppy PLUS a new tweeter and call it a day...