Wilson Sasha Daws or Sabrinas

I’m  looking at a new system  includes a dcs rosinni and D’agostino s-250 amp.  I’m getting concerned about overall cost of all the comments and the size/weight of the sasha daws.  The delta is 20k, but at some point need to draw the line.  So I would really appreciate your input pro, con, thoughts.  Haven’t been in the market for many years.  

One other ? Stand core audio 3 tier rack or HRS.

greatly appreciate all of you input.
Where are you located? If anywhere in south western Ontario I can recommend audio excellence they would be able to answer any questions as they have setup hundreds of systems in the local area.
If cost is a concern (and weight), I would go with the Yvettes. The Sabrinas are nice, but slam can be achieved with Wilson's middle of the line speaker.
Go listen to Joseph Audio Perspectives, Vandy Quattro, or ProAc 48R and potentially save yourself a lot of $$$.  
I would go with the DAW, it’s a good speaker.
Definitely go with DAW if you can afford them.  Yvette a nice compromise though. 
Don’t compromise the DAW is heads and tails above the Sabrina or Yvette 
love my yvette’s. can’t find a fault. 
Appreciate everyone’s feedback   Ended up going with the Sasha D
15x20...but then open thru kitchen.  Good ? Is there a min room size for these speakers?  My other option is 14x14.  Thanks for your thoughts on this
I would say that’s big enough for the Sasha DAW actually 
What about the 14x14, in either case I am a bit worried about the size of the dasha’s in the room...too overwhelming?
14x14 is pretty tight. It will be hard to get your seat off the rear wall. The speakers need to be a couple feet out from the front wall (3’ minimum imo). Then 10’ distance or so from them for the drivers to integrate well. That would put you right agents the rear wall where the bass nodes will ride. It will be tricky to get good sound.  

Same issue with either speaker really but the extra extension of the Sasha will be harder to work with due to causing larger nodes. 

15x20 will work much better from a setup standpoint and will also allow for deeper bass.