Wilson's newest Maxx 3 setting up photos

I have helped my friend to setup his newest Wilson Maxx 3 speaker which has been delivered this Monday and he was using the Maxx2 before it. I have listened to all wilson speakers in home settings except the Whamm and after four consecutive days listening to the Maxx3, all I can say is this is truely a great speaker, full stop! It wins the Maxx2 hands down and in many ways I consider this a breakthrough design among wilson's speaker range, including the almighty Alexandria.

Pls feel free to look at the photos taken during the set up procedures:

Nice posting with the pictures, do they sound good in smaller rooms w/o carpeting ?
i see a pic of various caddock resistors, the one on display at 5.3r. i gather that diff values are avail to change the balance of the tweeter?

i do wish wilson would stop using those things. i've never heard a caddock sound good in a signal path, but not sure if they use them in that capacity in the speakers. any ideas?
Great photos, You are a great friend. The only thing you need is a footrest. You get the sweet spot whenever you come over.

Actually, the size of this living room is only around 12ft x 28ft. But in this part of Asia, this is considered above average for most people. Another concern is the tuning of the crossover. I guess in most part of the US, the walls are made up by timbre. But in our area, the flats are all made by concrete. This would have a fundamental change of the room accoustic, so that's why the crossover of the Maxx3 can be adjusted using resistor of different value. Rhyno has expressed concern over the poor quality of the caddock resistor used inside the crossover. I really have no idea about this component. Would anyone have any comment regarding this issue?
its not that they're poor quality; they hold their values very well.

they just don't sound very good in a signal path: a bit bleached & whitish compared to a holco, roederstein, etc. but you cannot get those mfgs in sufficient wattage. however, duelund does come in large wattages, and i'm most curious to see how that would work...
These low value Caddock resistors are some of the best power resistors you can find in the industry. Liking or not their sound is highly subjective, but their behavior in low impedance circuits such as speaker crossover should be be very different from high/medium impedance signal paths.
Also components do not have an intrinsic sound - they have a type of sound in a certain position in a certain circuit and sound completely different in another circuit.
But I suppose if someone buys a speaker tuned by David Wilson it is because he likes it and he will not try to change it ...