Wilson's Chronosonic XVX loudspeaker over 3/4 of a million US dollars

Wonder what the impedance/-phase angle graph will look like on these puppies, looking at the amount of D'Agostino amps used to drive them, I'd say could be pretty evil.


Cheers George
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interesting how every different hifi forum has a different take on the big Wilson's reflecting the particular forum culture and membership.

no right or wrong to it, but the differences are dramatic.
it’s tiring that every Wilson thread brings out class envy which has become so prevalent in our culture.
not equally on every forum. it is particularly prevalent (and tiring) here. on some forums it's chill enough that Wilson Audio participates. would never work here.

forums and the 'vibe' come in all shapes and sizes. no right or wrong to this.
Because of the noise, many knowledgeable and experienced AudiogoN members no longer participate in any discussions.   This is to the detriment of new members who wish to learn more. Fortunately, there is a wealth of knowledge stored in the discussion forum archives. But, who knows if it's being tapped.
unfortunately; since gear and tech evolves, archives have limited value since their relevance is out of date. what's needed is to retain more serious experienced audiophiles that do bring that knowledge base. it's the people that matter. but really i doubt that the bell can be 'un-rung' for Audiogon. the forum owners/mods are not motivated to want any change in the status quo. they tolerate all sorts of things now, that never would have past muster in times past. 

it's much harder to find value for me here now, and most threads i enter get overrun by distractions. i went for a number of years not posting here at all, and recently returned trying to find some fun and enjoyment since i have more time and effort invested in Audiogon than anyone. my system thread has 3300+ posts, but is mostly dead now. use to be very much alive.
Mike: The Audiogon discussion forums have changed. Several members seem to think that their opinions are fact - in a very bloviating way. Their posts are as fatiguing a noisy tweeter.

there is just so much noise here now as you mention, as well as ultra aggressive dealers and the gear focus overall is much more down market than it had been. not a bad thing objectively as those products have value to many, but anything a bit up-scale gets run though the coals. the price gets in the way of meaningful consideration on merits.

some of that is reasonable, but other forums are able to keep dialog on point regarding musical issues so the entertainment value to me is not drowned out. i prefer to go to audio forums to escape all that stuff, not be hit in the nose with it.

on this thread i’d like to read about other alternative speakers to these big Wilson’s, not just continual shots that it exists. sigh.
ok @jon_5912

you've told us what Wilson Audio is not, but not made any case how or why you know that. 

if Wilson is not the most qualified to produce the top speaker, i assume you must know who is? enlighten us please. who might have more capable assets in place to surpass them?

do you actually know about state of the art speakers?
@mikelavigne   I value your posts and interactions on the various threads. I know of others who do.
thank you for the kind words. i'm hanging in here, sharing and learning about hifi viewpoints. sorting through the chaff to find the value.

( @ Mike L...I think you were more than gracious to this guru( that word is being kind, I cannot post what I want to for fear of censorship here) when he called you sanctimonious ...and you backed down..:0
i don't come to audio forums for negative interactions, this is fun only for me. so i avoid mud slinging. you can't throw it without getting it on you too. i deal with that stuff in my day job. other forums have people with agendas too and a dark side, and plenty of politics. but it's the exception, and not the rule. but that forum does self police effectively regarding some of the 'noise' type things that happen here. OTOH this is a purely commercial site and not run by hobbyists......for better or worse.

i hope Audiogon can see frequent threads about expensive pieces of audio gear where the majority of the posts are focused on the product and it's merits and other alternative products. that would make me want to post more here.
Does Wilson employ the best designer? Do they have the best tools or best facility for developing a state of the art product? It seems really unlikely to me. 

then you say....

I don't have any special secret knowledge and I don't claim to
so you know nothing, yet conclude it's unlikely they can develop a state of the art product.

and base that on.......absolutely.......nothing.

just trolling an expensive product you neither know about nor understand just because of the price.


i have no problem with you, but you can certainly be a ’button pusher’ from time to time and push the envelope. and thus pay the price.


that forum Davey refers to is What’s Best Forum. and while i disagree on Davey’s moderator site ranking, i can agree that the WBF mods do have a few blind spots.

but honestly it’s the forum members who determine a forum culture. and if those members care about the forum and accept responsibility for what happens and self police, then the moderators are not relevant. THAT is what does happen on WBF, that certainly rarely happens here. and maybe Audiogon is too big and unwieldy at this point for the sort of sense of community that exists on WBF.

audiogon is all things to all people, which is unique among hifi forums i've seen. it covers a wider spectrum of enthusiasts. so it's just different. 

when i’m tempted to post negatively, i mostly don’t hit ’send’. or delete it quickly if/when i do.

and really, it works like a charm. i pick my battles very carefully, and it’s extremely rare they involve my hobby. if i’m rattled i go listen to music. it's what i find i need from the hobby, an escape from all that strife. the forums typically help with that by allowing for rich interaction and even great friendships. but i avoid the dark parts.
in my experience the more that you spend on uber high end gear the more likely that you’ll be disappointed.
it's not how much you spend, it's the things you learn and and the effort you put in.

i built a perfect room in 2004 and had lots of pretty gear in that room for 10 years. but until i learned and got my nose bloodied i was not able to figure out the room and my own reference. then it took another 2 years to get the room right.

all 'uber' gear gets you is higher potential, and all a nice large room get's you is more things to figure out. but if you can put it all together....musical magic can happen.