Wilson Puppy top lugs instead of bottom lugs

Is it OK to connect speaker cables to a Puppy's top set of terminals instead of the bottom set? Thanks.
I understood that the crossover is in the bottom unit (the Puppy) but the top unit (the WATT) may have a high pass filter in it.

Better check w/ Wilson.
If you have the jumpers connected it doesn't matter.
Thanks, Nsgarch. I have WP 5.1s. The Puppy has two sets of terminals, upper and lower. The top set has the Puppy tail connected to it.

Is it OK to also connect my speaker cable to the top set? Or is there a crossover between the bottom set and the top set?
Well I guess I didn't express myself clearly. I used to have W3/P2s, and understood (and I could be wrong) that the ENTIRE x-ovr is in the Puppy unit, and that the Puppy tail simply carries the mid/high ouput from the x-ovr up to the WATT.

OTOH, it's true that the WATT is (was originally anyway) designed to be used all by itself, so perhaps the high pass filter is actually in the upper unit, in which case you could hook directly to it.

But you really should give Wilson a call tomorrow, because the serial no. of your unit(s) may figure into what they tell you.

It is ok to connect only to the Watt and skip puppy. I've done this while one of my puppy's was in for repair. The xover for the mid/high is in the Watt. Wilson and my deal said all was ok.

The Watt is designed for standalone use...just everyone seems to go with puppy's.

Now I would NOT do this if you're really trying to biwire.

good luck!
Thanks. I'll call Wilson. There is no info on this in the manual.
FYI - Based on the labels on the back of the Puppy, there appears to be a crossover between the lower and upper terminals. Top terminal label states something like high frequency crossover to WATT.