Wilson Puppies/5.1 and Amp

I recently bought a pair of Wilson Puppies/5.1. Can anyone suggest a good amp to pair with them? Tube/SS? How much power is needed? I would like it to be balanced. My cd/preamp are both balanced.
I have WP 6's. Search the archives. Tons of suggestions. BAT tube amps work great. I have a single vk75se right now. You could go dual vk60's for a great price....not sure your budget.

VTL 450s might also be good. I prefer tubes with wilsons. others like ss...
5.1s tend toward brightness. A tube amp would, I believe, be the best match. 100 watts is plenty of power.
The Music Reference RM200 is a fully balanced 100 wpc power amplifier with a transistor input stage and tube rectifier and output stages. It is my favorite amplifier with the WP7s, which present a load that is very similar to the WP5.1s. It is a particularly good match with these speakers because it can deal effectively with low impedance loads, and can make the Puppies behave. The amp is attractive, built to last, and can be had for anywhere between $2.5k to $1.7k on the used market.