one of the greats-dead at 64 from a heart attack. he was 'the man'
Amen.Who's filling these voids?
No need to be sad, just wait 'til the midnite hour, dial 634-5789 and ask for Mustang Sally. You'll find him there.
Teachers say to sing from your diaphram, I think Wilson Pickett started in his feet and worked it up all the way through his soul!
I have a greaqt memory of stumbling into one of his concerts at a local night club in the late 80s / early 90s. I didn't expect a legend to be there,and didn't know him by name (but was familiar with his hits) but listening to him perform, I could just tell he was the real thing, the original, not just some talented local guy performing a bunch of popular soul tunes.
A momentous loss.
He now resides in the "Land of the Thousand Dances"
A terrible loss! Soul brother No.# 2 as he was often refered to. No one could do Mustang Sally like Wilson Pickett, not even the Young Rascals!
"...if there's a Rock 'N Roll Heaven, well you know they've got a helluva band"
i always felt he was the all time best screamer! i have three kids that all called me when they heard he konked out. when they were little tykes we often did the dishes to wicked pickett's greatest hits.