Wilson / Meadowlark / Hyperion / Usher

I am curious to hear opinions/comparisons on the following speakers, the good, the bad, the ugly?

Wilson Audio Sophia

Meadowlark Blue Herron 2

Hyperion 938

Usher 8871

Other than the Sophia, there is very little I am able to find on the other speakers listed, let alone how they compare to others in the 8-12k retail price range.

All input greatly appreciated!

My system is listed under "virtual systems" here on audiogon, and am currently using Meadowlark Nighthawks, I am just considering a speaker upgrade...
Here is one link to a little insight on the Hyperion
HPS 938 taken from here on the Gon. Awesome speakers!
Here is one more link from a review from TAS.


Hopefully others can help on the other speakers you mentioned.
I have had the Meadowlark Blue Herron 2's for 8 or so months now and am delighted. I cannot help you with any comparisons. I jumped from B&W's to the Blue's.
Check out the Ushers, their $8000 speaker is more like an $80,000 Utopia.