Wilson Maxx2 or Aerial 20T

Understanding they are at a different price point I'd like everyones thoughts of the merits of each. Thanks for your help. Currently have 20Ts but am thinking of moving to Wilson Maxx2.
you're already home....keep the 20t's
What is it that you're looking to improve upon from the 20T?
A little more bottom end. A little better vertical high end dispersion. Maybe a little stronger more forward midrange. In the sweet spot they are wonderful.
No other opinions, WOW. Must have been a slow night.
I second Jaybo ....stick with the 20T's...only if you want something louder and more powerful dynamically would I consider this switch...
I have not heard anything above the 10T, and am sure the 20T
is in another league. I have not owned a Wilson since a W3P2
in the early 90's. If I were looking like FM540i, I would certainly wonder what the sacrifices may be even though power
and dynamics may be superior in the WP 8. A dealer who carries
both is Terry Menacker at Overture in Delaware. He has been
in the business for a good stretch.
Just add 1 or 2 of the Aerial SW12 subs and call me in the morning!
if the aerials are "refined" enough for you at this point, as far as reaching deep enough into recordings and extracting the heart of the music, the extra bass and throwing a better stage are not great reasons for upgrading. however, if you feel the midrange is "muddled" or indistinct, you may continue to feel disappointed in them. i upgraded from a 20K speaker to one costing 3X as much, and i got more bass than i needed (13Hz) and super-tweeters i couldn't hear, but i did get a good deal more clarity in the mid's, and better separation of instruments overall. but to be perfectly honest if i had never done the upgrade and still be listening to what i had (eggleston andra-2's) i would be none the wiser. although i would still be looking at maxx-2's (and all that jazz)- in fact i DID audition the maxx's when they came out thinking i could get the alexandria's for one-third the money. but then i heard the alexandrias and they were most definitely in another league altogether. satisfy your thirst and try to hear the alex-2's so you can say you heard "the best speaker in the world" according to wilson's ad's- oh that's right, they say that would be "pretentious. but seriously, go hear a super-speaker like that and "get it out of your system".
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The Maxx2 isn't a particularly forward sounding speaker, although it has tremendous bass authority and punch. Of the current Wilsons, the WP8 is more forward sounding. The Maxx2 is, of course, a better all-around speaker, but if you want a more forward sound, I'd suggest you take a listen to the WP8 first--it does cost a lot less than the Maxx2.
I added 2 SW-12s to the mix. Crossed them over at 35 hz and will stick with this configuration for now. Thanks for all of the input. It does fill out the bottom end nicely. Maybe a super tweeter to top it off. Muirta?? or Townshend??

Just trying to get a bit more of an idea as to what the issue is. First what do you think is lacking in the current system? It would also be helpful to know what the rest of your system is, what you listen to, and what is the room like. You have a great speaker, which does have a different sound than the maxxs. If it is, like cars, that you just want a new or different model, then by all means change. On the other hand, if you are looking to reach a certain goal, then this may not be the way to go.
Either way good luck

If I had a big room, and a Maxx2, I would never go to this site again. I swear
I also have Aerial 20t's and a pair of SW-12's. I have the crossover set to 40 Hz.
I hope you use the speaker level input (DIN plug). The sound improved a lot in my system when I did this and connected them up directly to my amps instead of using interconnects from my preamp.


Sorry goofy and missed your comments regarding the problem. As far as the bottom end, this is a complex issue that can relate to many things, including room acoustics - probably the biggest issue, speakers, amps etc. I have heard the aerial and thought the bass very good. Wilsons bass needs little comment but can be amp dependent - their impedance does vary greatly as I understand. I have a friend with maxxs who fixed the issue with amps, having exhausted the other areas. The vertical dispersion could relate to ribbon type, some ribbons are less bothered by this than others. I use piegas which have a very different ribbon but have a wonderful vertical dispersion in my opinion. Anyway again sorry I missed the other bit
Thanks for the input. I'm running MF KW Monoblocks with a KWP preamp. Clean controlled power is not a problem. I have a odd room actually 4 interconnected rooms with the main living room having a 25 foot ceiling. Think of several rooms rooms which are probably 15 x 20 extending off a 25 x 20 x 25 room. Lots of air to move with only one anchored corner where one 20T and SW-12 sit.
I have owned Wilsons, not the Maxx2 and have Aerial center channel with nice system....but have heard the ones you are considering....I'd stick with the 20T....and if you a "bass shy" I would suspect a room setup/acoustic treatment issue...helped by room and system...just a thought