Wilson MAXX II Bi amp question.

Can Wilson MAXX II be Bi Amped if you bypass the cable running up to the mid and tweeter connector? Is this like the WP where the Watt uses it's own crossover and the tail is just piggybacked onto the speaker post so you can play the Watt without the puppy. Is the cables running from the head unit just terminated on the speaker post in the woofer cabinet or does it connect to the crossover in the woofer cabinet?
You could do this.

But they are strictly not designed for this and you'll be bypassing parts of the crossover.

What are you trying to achieve here? I would highly not recommend this...they are one of the worlds best speakers-as they are.
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The bass unit has resisters in it on the bottom that are in line also.
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They are not designed for Bi-amp, sell both amps and all associated cabling and buy a single better amp/monoblocks and simplify!