Wilson Maxx 3

narrowing my decisions down.
Does anyone have an opinion of Wilson Maxx 3
I have a fairly large room and 400 wpc mono blocks
The room is about 17 by 25
They are EXCELLENT speakers. Great fit for your room and you seem to have perfect power for them. I owned them for nearly 4 years...you have to spend a LOT more money for better speakers...used they are a steal. Anything around they're price point used maybe different...but not better...

My dealer has a pair of used ones...
Agree with Jfrech. If you have a chance, hear them in a system, you'll know right away if the Wilson "house sound" is right for you. They do require a good deal of care in their set-up, but when done right they are excellent speakers.
good information.
wonder if new Sasha Series 2 would come close
to the 5 year old Maxx 3. likely not in the bass
this is only a guess...since I haven't heard the sasha 2's...I suspect you are on the right path..the Sasha 2's might have more clarity in the mids and top end...i suspect the Maxx 3, has better, deeper more articulate bottom end...better dynamics and helps over come the room with the size and placement of the drivers...the Maxx 3 presents height, width, depth in a way few speakers can...also adjusts it's presentation...so if it's meant to be small..it is...large it is...The large is what some speakers struggle with...
the Maxx 3 presents height, width, depth in a way few speakers can...also adjusts it's presentation...so if it's meant to be small..it is...large it is...The large is what some speakers struggle with...
Jfrech, are you having regrets moving from Wilson to Rockports?
Hi no, nothing about my current speakers are mentioned...the original poster is asking about Maxx 3s...I am giving my experiences with Maxx 3's since I owned them for a few years...and I stand by those comments entirely.

The Rockport's I now own are not a fair comparison given the price differential and the OP was curious about the Wilson's...
Unless one could get the Maxx 3 very reasonably, the improvements included in the Alexia would be where I'd go. The new tweeter in particular. The Sasha 2 has a variation of the new tweeter, which by most accounts is a step up from the one used in the Maxx 3 and Sasha 1.

While the Maxx3 would still provide the most powerful low end, whether or not that trumps a smoother upper midrange/high end is a personal choice.

I had the choice of Sashas, Alexias and Maxx 3 to replace my Watt Puppy 7 speakers. I think I will go with the Maxx 3. The Alexia and Sasha do indeed have newer drivers. I thought the Maxx 3 was the first to receive the updated midrange driver? I don't need the Coincident tweeter. Just last week I just bought a Mezzo center channel with the Titanium tweeter. I am pretty sure with the inclusion of the Maxx 3's The overall larger presentation will benefit my room which is 20x15. The WP/7's have worked well in the room, Maxx 3's even better!
I have Alexia in a 15x30 ft room. It fills the room perfectly with better high and mid than Maxx3.

You should give Alexia a good audition.
I've heard the Alexia's twice. The last occasion was two weeks ago. They sounded fantastic. It's just not what I want in my system. I need a slightly larger more dynamic speaker which the Maxx 3 is capable of doing over the Alexia's. My Watt Puppy 7's were a compromise for not being able to afford Maxx 2's at the time. Kids were still at home. Not the issue this time.
A good read Statman...let us know when the Maxx3s are ordered! great great speaker.
Thanks Lloydelee! Jerron at Wilson Audio also reminded me of the fact that the Maxx 3 has two midrange drivers per speaker versus my WP/7's single driver.
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Wait! If Wilson it is to be, get one of the later designs with the new tweeter. Your ears will thank you, and you won't be on a never ending quest for cables and electronics to work around the old tweeter.
email Mike Fremer. He can provide you with more info on the Wilson speakers than probably anyone.