Wilson Maxx 2 room Size

I recently acquired a great used pair of Maxx 2's.

I am using a Krell KPS 25SC and a pair of FPB 450 mono blocks to power them. Connected with transparent ultra speaker wire.

My room is small. 14 x 16. Has anyone experienced overloading a room?

I had a pair of Nautilus 802s up until recently. They sounded great. Just lacking in the bottom end.

I am unfamiliar with the voicing system wilson uses for positioning speakers. Anyone tried this on their own? How were the results vs say the cardas golden cuboid method?
Maxx 2 is really too large for your room. Even Alexia may be too large.

Best option is to trade your Maxx 2 for Sasha 2. You will have a much better time and enjoyment with your music.
It is pushing the limit but it appears you might not have them set up properly. That is even more relevant if you happen to set them up in the same spot as your 802's? How far from the rear wall and side walls are the speakers? The manual explains how to voice your room. It is also on the Wilson web page. You will most likely have to set them up in a near field position because of the size of your room.
invest another 2k in tube traps before you do a thing w/ speakers. small rooms (mine is smaller) require it, and you'll never know what you own until you do this