Wilson, Legacy, or ?

Recently I started to invest more into my 2 channel set up. I ended up with a BAT VK31 pre amp and VTL Deluxe 300's that had all the mods done to them.

Source is a Esoteric DV50 and I currently run a Music Hall TT with a modded Dynavector phono stage. Both of these will get upgraded to a BAT phono stage and a VPI Classic TT.

Currently I run Carver Amazing Silvers and a pair of Thiels at times.

I like the sound of the Silvers however do find the bass to be a little fat sounding and a bit slow for my taste. I like the soundstage and imaging is great.

I've been looking in the 8-10K range for an upgrade down the road and was looking very closely at Wilson Watt/Puppies or Legacy Focus'. I would like the Whispers and on the used market come into that range however feel they would be too big for my room which is about 18X20.

I like detail, but not harsh highs (tend not like horns all that much) and I also like bass but once again not overly fat and slow.

Music taste are anything from small group jazz, female vocals, eletronica, hard rock, alternative, classical and I would prefer something that did well on all types, not just on one.

I've looked at Maggies however feel they lack bass but have a sound I like and would prefer not to run a sub as doesn't seem to ever blend right. I heard Apogee are great but again don't have the bass.

I don't have any dealers really by me and I heard the Legacy Focus HD once but it was in a system I didn't know with music I didn't know.
JL subs and Maggies blend just fine. I've heard a totally seamless setup. A pair of Mag 3.7s and JL F112's would be within budget and give you everything, including linear tight bass down into the 20's. Having JL subs gives a big boost to perceived dyamics of the Maggies. JLs come with a microphone and setup/integration program.

Another thought: if you can find some Eggleston Andra II's in your price range, I think they'd give you absolutely everything you're looking for.
The Whispers are not too large for your room.

See my virtual system, and my review at Dagogo.com
The Whispers would sound great in your room.
Or, take a look at the ESP Concert Grands currently listed for 5100.00. No relation to the seller.

I have the smaller ESP's and they are adept with varied types of music. The speakers are also tube friendly.
Thanks for the info.

Has anyone ever compared Wilson to Legacy? I do like that with the Whispers you can place them closer to the walls etc and seem like they would be a good fit. Now I just will have to try and get my ears on them!

Also thanks for the recommendation on ESP, I will have to check them out!
I have the Legacy Focus 20/20's and had for a couple of weeks a Wilson Sophia. Unfortunately my 36 watts SET was not enough to really get the Sophia's to sing. So with less than optimal comparisons I would have to say the Sophia's are more detailed and blacker background but for me, the detail was distracting from the music. It was nice to hear each and every little nuance but the overall effect failed for me.. Again more power might have made a difference. Hope this helps.
I should add that while I have never been really sold on the Legacy's their PRaT has made moving on hard.
The speaker to look at in that range would be the Focus HD or even more so, the new Focus SE (can be had on Audiogon/demo market for a bit less than retail). I've owned the 20/20s, HDs and SE and am currently solid on keeping the SEs for many years to come. They handle any type of music I throw at them with ease and a transparency and naturalness that is very hard to achieve and usually much more expensive, with many other speakers. They will easily take up residence and do well in your 18x20 room. The Whispers would also do well in that room; I've heard them in rooms that size and larger. The way the Whispers render sound in much more independent of the room itself (see video from Legacy on this as well...); they would do well in your room. It all comes down to price-fit and what types of music you listen to. In either case, they are extremely easy to place and tune for great listening in your room.