Wilson Cubs on a Budget

Had a pair of these years ago and really enjoyed them. Looking to move back in that direction away from my Maggies and was curious if anyone has any suggestions on a similar sounding monitor at a lower price point..

I used to own Wilson Duettes which i liked very much. If your budget allows, perhaps investigate these instead. They produce excellent bass, but are somewhat inefficient and require at least 100 watts to come alive. I ended up selling them only because i moved to a low power tube amp.
If Cubs are out of his price range, then Duettes are certainly out of the question.

You might look the Focal line. Wilson uses modified versions of their drivers and the Mini Utopias I had had something of the Wilson sound TO MY EAR. Listen to some if you get the chance, not necessarily just the MUs.
PMC TB2i are well worth a demo!.
have 2 cub 1 and 1 cub 2