Wilson CUB, anyone tried them?

My local dealer has a used pair of CUB's (original design, not the current series II), wants $5k for the pair. My Martin Logan Quests are too lean for my room, I took a quick listen to the CUB's, I'm very interested in other opinions...Thanks for taking the time, Jeff
They won't be as lean as the MLs. If your room includes a lot of glass, bare walls, maybe a fireplace, then you will want some room treatments with the Wilsons. They are quite revealing, and room placement is critical. I recommend you use them with a sub. Always with a sub.
The Cubs are wonderful. I own the Watt/Puppies and bought a pair of Cubs because they are so great. The mids and highs are amazing and although a subwoofer would help, it is not necessary. It would really depend a lot on your room and other equipment in your system. The Cubs are incredible when it comes to placement of voices and instruments, very holgraphic. They are very fast and fun to listen to. As far as the price the dealer is charging you, I bought a pair that were slightly used for the $3,000 range. If you want a pair for that price range, I will be happy to help you with a friend that is a dealer.
Heard 'em and they are great. Price sound high, however, unless they are Rosewood or other exotic. These started selling for 6K a few years ago. They may have gone up. Try to date these for manufacture.
Thanks for the feedback. It's worth mentioning my gear that would be used with the CUB's. Oracle DelphiIV/SME345/Grado Reference, YBA CD Integre, Audio Research SP14 preamp, (2) Classe Audio DR8 amplifiers. MIT cords, Audioquest interconnect, Classe speaker wires. The room is a bit of a challenge, a "live" room, with a fireplace, and no chance of treating the room due to WAF. As for the price, I sure do appreciate the inputs, seems my dealer has a pretty high opinion of the value of the speakers. Thanks again, Jeff