Wilson Benesche ACT 1 & Valve amp

I have Wilson Benesch ACT 1 speakers
with Tactic driver upgrades.
Is anyone using A vavle amp with them.
I'm looking for recommendations and an idea
of power requirements.
My front end is a Wadia 7 & 9 CD
I've heard the new A.C.T. speakers in an all-Audio Research system at my dealer: VS110, SP16 and CD3MkII with Nordost Valhalla cabling. Quite incredible to say the least. Very big images and a very smooth yet detailed presentation. You could hardly go wrong with a WB/ARC combo IMHO.
Thanks for that Tommuch, AR was on the
top of my list. As I probably won't be able
to audition your views are apreciated.
What was the bass end like as I've found
before the bottom end of the ACT can get a bit
wooly and diffuse without suficent power ?
Regards Adecook7
Absolutly, One of the problem of act one, that it is a representative, although very sophisticated one, of the "tradional" british sound: recessed treble, very natural, rich and nice mid-range and so-so bass, which could slow and muddy in lack of right amplification. It is very nice sounding, very musical, very enchanting, but with the wrong things behind it could be slow and muddy.
Tommuch. Can you elaborate on your comments regarding the ARC/WB combo? I have a 100.2 amp and SP16 preamp and am thinking of the ACT's or the Curves as a speaker option. Thoughts would be appreciated.
Dodgealum, I took the plunge and bought a pair of
vtl MB450 signatures to run my ACT's they sound fantastic
beter than the krell 300cx all round. The vtl's let you
switch between triode 200 watt and terode 450 watt (actual is nearer 500 !) I find that the ACT's don't seem to come 'alive' even with more delicate stuff and vocals till in terode mode. I used to run the ACT's biamping with cyrus 50 watt per chanel gear ( hardly high end I know) but again they seemed to strugle with the low power.