wilson benesch TT lateral stabilising spring

I've just bought a preowned Wilson Benesh ACT , suspension sprung subchassis design. It is fully original but It misses the black circular bracket and the kevlar strap.It seems that those are crucial parts to set up correctly the lateral stabilising spring. Where does those parts are originnaly placed. Since the the TT is discontinued is it still possible to replace those parts with other parts like the originals ones.
Are you saying the parts are missing completely or that you have them but don't know how to connect them? Is it an Act 2 table. If so I could take a picture of how mine is set up and send it to you.

I've tried in the past to email WB directly but it is hit or miss if they will answer. The North American distributor has been helpful though.

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I had one of these units and Wilson Benesch in the UK did answer my queries and were in fact very helpful. Parts are likely to be available from them.
Hi Herman, I'm sorry for my little english . My Wilson Benesch is an early model and the parts are copletely missing. Wilson Benesch introduce the "horizontal spring "
( probably the seven spring as some literature reported) as an upgrade for the earlier model.Than they introduced definitevely in the later models.
. That upgrade is no longer available and W.B. tend to minimise the importance of that upgrade but I don't think so. I really like to know how that upgrade works so if it is possible send me some Photo. It is correct to say that my wilson benesch plays outstanding even with the 6 original springs (3 + 3) Thanks again for your kind answer.
It appears we different tables. Mine is an ACT2 and it only has 3 springs. Sorry I can't help.