Wilson Benesch Torus subbass system.

Anyone got a chance to hear this innovative technology from WB. It sounds very interesting on their website. My system consists of WB Chimera speakers, Chord SPM 6000 monoamps, Chord Electronics DSP 8000 pre/pro.
I think it would be nice if Wilson Benesch just used some larger drivers to achieve better bass in their speakers!
I hope you had a chance to read the review of the Torus and the discussing with Carl from Wilson benesh by Jonathan Valin in TAS. Carl is using the largest drivers that produce accurate bass. By accurate he means true to the instruments making the bass notes. I think the ACT's produce the best bass I have heard. Though not as deep as some larger speakers the bass is so, so much better. I have come to despise the typical speaker that say they go down to 26hz and are down only 3db. They just sound so bad.
Sorry to revive an old thread.

I'm currently home demoing a Wilson benesch Torus sub. Was wondering if anyone could advise what differences there might be between using one & two Torus subs?