Wilson Benesch Torus Sub

What is the preferred way to hook up the Wilson Benesch Torus sub in a two channel system?
I would use the high inputs on the Torus Amplifier. These can be run by your amplifier or from the speaker binding posts.

The Torus can and a substantial degree of air and center fill if placed between the speakers at about the same distance from the listener.
That is the way I run my RELs also.
As has been mentioned, hook up the Torus as the manufacturer designed it to be and that is thru the high level inputs.

I heard the Torus on several occasions and was mighty impressed with it... :-)

I would love to hear the Torus sub. Anyone in the New York or South Florida area have one (or 2) set up that would let me listen?

At some point I may want to add low bass to the TAD CR1's, and I would need and extremely fast and articulate sub to match the CR1's taught bass.