Wilson Benesch Speakers (Worth it?)

Dear fellow audiogoners. Does any one have an opinion or experiences with Benesch line of speakers? They're a bit expensive, but do you think they're worth the price? I am always curious to why speakers cost so much in general....especially when open them up and see the guts. Nothing is worse than pondering how can some foam, a little metals, and plastics cost so darn much? The most of the speakers is made up of air anyway. Is it marketing expense allocations or is it really R&D? I am asking because I am in the market for some speakers, but curious to see if they're really worth the money. Thanks in advance for your feedbacks. p.s. I am just a little annoyed by reviewers over using the phrase " at $1M (I am exagerating here), these speakers sounds much better than there competitor at double the price.." Really, how many speakers are there in the $100K+ market anyway?
I have the Act Ones (for about 1 year now) and I'm really pleased. They are expensive; I think the MSRP includes the R&D costs (that carbon fiber technology and the sculpted backs!). I find the Act Ones extremely coherent, and very musical. I got a good buy, so I don't have the $10K plus invested--at MSRP, I'd take long and hard looks at other options.
Yes, I too wonder where these guys get off with their prices. Basically, they charge it because some of us (can)pay it. But you oversimplify; Why does a bottle of fine wine cost $10,000? After all "It's just some fermented grape juice in a $5 bottle...". Ya' know? Why does anything cost what it does? Actually, the way it's supposed to work is as follows: Barny Bigear works in his garage and puts together "the next big breakthrough thing" that "kills" any other thing like it! Kool! Now Gilbert Gotbucks, of XYZ Electronics finds out about this whatever and offers Barny more money for the rights than he could make building it himself. Simple so far? XYZ has been building things a long time and knows how to "Make 'em for less" and all (economy of scale) and everyone is happy! That is until Mr. Bean Counter starts cutting corners here-and-there until you end up with Mid-fi... To make a long ramble short, a lot of owners like being owners (just so they can boss others around and feel like they're the big cheese, you know...) so they put $1000 worth of stuff in a box and sell it to us gullibles for $10,000 (it's soooo shiny!). As long as there is enough loose cash floating around they'll keep doin-what-they're-doing. Can't blame 'em.
Well, it's not just R&D costs that you're paying for, it's also materials and workmanship and quality control, but yes, the ultimate driver (if you excuse the pun) for price is what people are willing to pay for it.
Kkrikpa, you're just too funny. I like respect your comments, but they were sad and true... I suppose. I am still a little uncomfortable with your wine analogy because it implies that expensive speakers are only for social and economic elite classes...and that they're over priced for their representation of an owner's ability to own one rather than for their sound superiority. Does this mean that a moderately priced speakers can keep up with the overpriced speakers for the big boys? I like to think that I pay more for speakers (or any products) because of its superiority to its competitors. A person simply buying expensive gears for their "representations" are not audiophile by definition. They're just another rich person off park avenue trying to find ways to burn their "old" money. Maybe I should have a drink of the $10,000 bottle of wine over this decision or better yet perhaps I should be drinking a $5 bottle of bourbon instead if what you said was true. p.s. I saw an ad for the new Goldmund Millenium Amplifier in Stereophile recently. Goldmund took out an ad of about 200+ words describing what the unit is comprised of which included an on board Intel Pentium processor and an online interface device that allows instant updated sofware downloads through the net. The word gold plated was used more times than I can count. Luckily (sarcastically), there will be about 50 units which are only available through subscribtion for $70,000 a piece. Talk about our society showing its ability to over spend, over use, over consume, just to name a few......well better get your order in before the Millenium II special limited edition EX-10 model comes out nest year. I don't know about you, but this new latest and greatest monster makes my tube gears look like a dinasour.
While looking for a new power amp, I heard a Chord 5000 driving the WB Act I. I was really impressed. Tonality, strength, overall balance, musicality. You can get them sh in the UK for around £4000.