wilson benesch precision p3.0 thoughts

hi all im new here i live Australia and i can get a pair of wilson benesch precision p3.0 for under 14000 aus $

i cant listen to them and am trying to find peoples thoughts on them.

good fantastic over priced what ever.

im coming from dynaudio x38 and dynaudio contour le 3.4s

im finding the dyns a little emotionless and analytical. not that engaging. im using an ayon s10 signature dac streamer and an audio flight fl 3 s amp


Not so long ago I listened to these driven by a large MF 800 nuvista. Good frequency response, tight sound ("precise"?) good imaging and very good dynamics. I liked the sense of space they created and the soundstage was very well focused.
To use your expression, these speakers were engaging and I did not find them analytical (by which I mean pronounced 6-12kHz and dropping thereafter).

Not sure your audio flight can drive these speakers adequately, though.
FWIW, I still own the ACT (Carbon Fiber) version and use Graaf GM 50B (50w/ch) integrated amplifier and have no desire to go for a more powerful amplifier. P3.0 has similar specs to the ACT.

I echo Greg’s comments. WB speakers are very transparent with great dynamics and I like their idea of coupling the midrange driver directly to the amplifier (no crossover).

I owned Sonus Faber family of speakers before . While SF speakers are very polite and laid back, WB speakers are a contrast.
thanks for your posts and imput much appreciated