Wilson Benesch Full Circle Set-Up

Wondering if anyone can help me with set up of a WB Full Circle with Act0.5 arm...As mine is set up now the anti-skate arm on the Act arm hits the anti-skate post arm when in the resting position. Also, the arm puts pressure on the arm lift when in the locked position. Is this normal? I could raise the arm via the VTA adjustment so it clears the anti-skate post, but it seems like this will make the VTA too steep...any help would be appreciated. Also, it possible postings of a photo of a WB set up correctly would be appreciated.

The WB manual is next to useless!
Thanks, Deryk
The manual is pretty good, I think. Don't worry about the antiskate ball hitting the pole - it doesn't matter when the arm is out near the outside of the record. once it's more into the record (like 1/2 way through or more) then the AS comes into play and the position of the ball is fine @ that point. Leave the VTA setting where the manual has it - the arm is marked, it's hard to get that wrong. Email WB for more info, they are pretty helpful I think. It's not that hard to set it up, and it's a great analog rig for the price range.