Wilson-Benesch Full Circle A.C.T. 0.5 Carbon arm

Wilson-Benesch Full Circle with A.C.T. 0.5 Carbon Fiber tonearm. I am leaning towards this table and arm combo because of it's small footprint and unique built. I'm hoping their are some out there who have used it, or moved on to others and why. And also to guide me with its performance or lack of it?

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I owned one years ago. I was using a Lyra Cartrdige at the time and maybe that combo didn't work right. Didn't float my boat.

My dealer thinks it is a killer table and I've heard it at his shop with a Cardas Heart. Sounded good.

I moved on to a SME 20/2 IV.Vi arm. I've loved this table for 10 yrs now. I'd consider a SME 10/IV.Vi or V arm for your needs. Very similar look to the full circle...