Wilson-Benesch Full Circle A.C.T. 0.5 Carbon arm

Wilson-Benesch Full Circle with A.C.T. 0.5 Carbon Fiber tonearm. I am leaning towards this table and arm combo because of it's small footprint and unique built. I'm hoping their are some out there who have used it, or moved on to others and why. And also to guide me with its performance or lack of it?
I owned one years ago. I was using a Lyra Cartrdige at the time and maybe that combo didn't work right. Didn't float my boat.

My dealer thinks it is a killer table and I've heard it at his shop with a Cardas Heart. Sounded good.

I moved on to a SME 20/2 IV.Vi arm. I've loved this table for 10 yrs now. I'd consider a SME 10/IV.Vi or V arm for your needs. Very similar look to the full circle...
I used to have one a few years ago. I can't for sure attribute it to the Wilson-Benesch turntable specifically, but my analogue setup lacked some bass weight. Also, my system back then was totally different from what I have now.

There are a couple of things to consider. The table cannot be leveled. I had the Stillpoints with the threaded risers and that solved the problem. Plus they added more isolation. The Wilson-Benesch Full Circle does not come with a speed controller. I added the Clearaudio Synchro and it made a huge difference as it also provided clean power to the motor.

Otherwise, the table sounded great in my system, with the exception of the bass not having much weight. The bass may not be an issue in another system.

I sold the Wilson-Benesch with the rest of my analogue setup and got the Acoustic Signature Mambo, with the rest of the analogue setup I currently have.

The Acoustic Signature Mambo is a great turntable. It comes with a refined motor controller and its baring is guaranteed for 10 years. Bass is rock solid. Overall, the sound is very agile with the proper weight throughout the audio spectrum. In the AS line, I would consider the Challenger and the Final Tool MKII. The AS turntables have been around for many years and they have proven to be reliable in the long run.

I also recommend the SME 10. Another very solid performer. You can buy it used for a lot less. The built quality of the SME 10 is top notch. This model has been around for many years now and it has proven reliability as well.


I have the WBFC, and it certainly does not lack bass weight in my rig (I'm using a humble Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood, into an EAR 834P with NOS tubes). And my system is most decidedly full-range and highly resolving, with Avantgarde Duo Omegas at the business end.

The 'table benefits from a superb stand (Grand Prix Audio Monaco) which itself permits precise leveling.

Although the WBFC is by no means a "statement" piece, for its cost it's a satisfactory performer, and then some. Mine will one day be replaced by a "lifetime" 'table, but until then I can enjoy music intensely on the WB.
Would love to own this WBFC combo one day. I've read some outstanding reviews on it. Bottom line ( IMHO ) it's beautiful, compact, and a great value. They don't seem to appear for sale often on the 'Gon. That speaks for itself.