Wilson Benesch Discovery

I was told it need high power and high current amp to push it (>300W). Can I push it OK in 200sqf room with Mark Levinson 23.5 ??
The recommendation of greater than 300 watts is totally false.

I've heard the Discoveries with 100 solid state watts sound fantastic. You could probably get away with 70-80 if the amp is just right.

That's not to say that more watts aren't better, that usually is the case with solid state amps. But you will be MORE THAN FINE with your ML 23.5's.

The Discovery's are a fantastic speaker. Enjoy them.

Agree with Ajazi. I have WB ARCs which are slightly more efficient and using a 150 what BAT vk-250. I have more power than needed in a 15 X 17 room. I am using a REL B2 as well.
the discovery, much like sonus faber likes ss amps
Sure you can I used them with Classe 501 AV 5 ch Amp as my AV system until I upgraded the to Eggleston Andrea and than again to Avalon OPUS..

The WB are great speakers and would appreciate the MK 23s.
But funny I feel its base is very hard to push particular with its isobaric design