Wilson Benesch Curves

Hi folks. I am interested in any thoughts you might share about the WB Curves. I read the Stereophile review of the ACT's and was interested but these were out of my price range. I recently found out about the little sibling Curves which are similar in design and at my price point. I've read some of the other threads but am looking for a more detailed appraisal as there is not dealer local to me in NYC. Has anyone heard or purchased these and what can you tell me about the sound, room placement, partnering electronics, etc. Thanks for your help as there is not a lot of information out there on this relatively new speaker.
I have heard the curve with state of art gryphon electronics and HMS cabling. Wonderful, layered, transparent, dynamic, but a bit warmish sound. Not that one, which was described ny the Hifi Choice with Audionet partnerering (cool and transparent). I did like very much. I think that should be a good buy.

Here are some Curves in a virtual system-

WB Curves

There are a couple of additional options that might be worth considering-

1) Buy the new ACT used- there was a pair posted here not long ago with some minor cosmetic flaws- you'd get a huge discount, and a trip to your local furniture restoration expert might be able to take care of the cosmetics.

2) Buy the original ACT-1 used- they don't show up often, but are usually in the $5-6k range. Wilson Benesch dealers can upgrade the original mid/base drivers to the newer 'tactic' drivers for about $1.5k. This should get you close to the new ACT in overall performance, except for the additional low bass extension that the new ACT has due to its increased internal volume.

FWIW, I own a pair of ACT-1s and love them- from a brief audition, the new ACTs are amazing and a definite improvement. In any case, you probably can't go wrong with the Curves or either of the possibilities above.

Good luck,
Just purchased the curves and they sound glorious with deHavilland 845G amps, deHavilland Mercury 2 pre and audio aero mkII player. Wire, however, was a major player. Tara Labs .8 really brought the system to life.
Thanks Phil. I'm curious--did you have the chance to compare the Curves with the larger ACTs? Perhaps you could share your thoughts about the Curves in greater detail--I'd be interested in the size of the room and how they are working for you in that space. I'm wondering if I need to go with ACT's in my 22 X 14 X 9 space or if the Curves could do the trick. Are they sufficiently full range?