Wilson Benesch Chimera vs. Kharma 3.2FE


Could someone comment about these two speakers?

Thank you.
Can't comment on the Kharmas. I've owned the Chimeras for several years and enjoy them very much. No complaints. You should know that they are 4 ohm speakers which dip as low as 2.5 ohms. In order to really drive them you need an amp that delivers real power into 2.5ohm loads. My personal opinion is that they also sound best with a tube preamp as Chimeras do not add warmth where it isn't. Alot of todays recordings (imho) benefit from a tube pre anyway but ymmv. - Jim
Hi Aldavis,

What speakers you have now? Is there something you didn't like with the Chimeras and changed them? I've the CAT SL1 Ultimate pre-, I hope it's okey.
I still own them. CAT would be great.