Wilson Benesch ARC vs. other Scanspeak revelators

I am very interested in purchasing a pair of the WB ARCs but was unsure whether they were significantly better than other monitors that use the scanspeak revelator for a much more reasonable price (i.e. Tyler accoustics, reference 3A MM De Capo, and Focus audio). I do realize that the WBs use a slightly modified version of the revelator, and they do have a more advanced cabinet design, but do these factors significantly increase sound quality over the tylers, focus, and the like? I feel like the only monitor that compete with the WB ARC in the $5k range is the star sound (harmonic precision) caravelle. Does anyone have any other suggestions in this price range?
I don't think the Ref 3a MM Decapo uses the Revelator. Don't see how it could at $2500.
I heard somewhere that it was a modified revelator, maybe I was misinformed, I'm not that familiar with the speakers. They certainly could be at $2500 though, the tweeter itself is only around $200.
Be careful when looking to purchase speakers based on the brand drivers in a box like the Revelator or the pretty Seas Drivers. The Real secret to most great speakers is in the crossover. The ScanSpeak Revelator in the Amati Homage sounds nothing like the SS Revelator in the Tyler towers. (No offense Ty)

The Amati Homage is the BEST Speaker I have ever heard without question or hesitation. I have also owned the Taylo Ref Monitors. Anyway, go audition the usual suspects in your price range and do not get hung up on the drivers.

Also Speaker Manufacturers which use drivers like the Revelator purchase them in bulk. They are not paying the $200.00 each you see advertised. It is a business. Anyway, food for thought..

FWIW at $5000, the ATC SCM20-A2 should be on your shopping list, some things I know for certain, no speaker currently mentioned can play louder with less distortion and has a better phase and amplitude response. Now the only question is will you find them musical to your ear as some of the others.

Seas Excel Tweeter on board

I am an ATC Dealer
i've done a few installs featuring wilson benesh, and my advice is save for the discoveries. the disco are just to die for. in my opinion they are much more than $2000 better than the arcs.
Have you listened to the WB ARC? I have had a pair for 1.5 years and they great. They are coherent but also detailed. You will not find a dynnamic speaker that is more relaxed and devoid of cabinet coloration. They also can play at high volumes, easily placed and are made very well. The Tactic driver (designed and built by WB) is another distiction of the WB line.

You need to listen to this speaker. The sum of the high quality parts is astounding.
I think The Ultimate Monitor uses D2904/6000-01 but i'm not so sure.

Chris,they are not selling for $2500 either.

As a Focus Audio dealer, I can tell you that the WB ARC and the SF Cremona Auditor are the two most common speakers that people are considering when they come to get a Focus FS688 demonstration. Anecdotally, I successfully sell the FS688 about half the time...so you might conclude from that that they are all in the same league performance-wise, and it might come down to personal tastes. Or it may come down to what gear you use it with and the synergies (SF Cremona Auditor is a 4ohm speaker, WB ARC is 6ohm, Focus FS688 is 8ohm). I've heard all three, and as a Focus dealer, you can imagine my preference ;-)
jk4hifi@highstream.net, the reason that the Discoverys sound more than $2000 better than the ARCs is because they are around $5000 more than the ARCs. The arcs are only $3600, I think the discoverys are around $8500.
Rello, I have listened to the ARC (only breifly in at audiovision SF), although I have never heard them in my own system so I could do a direct compairison with my tyler taylo monitors. I'm having trouble deciding if it is worth the jump in price from the tylers to the WBs. Do you happen to know any more info about the tactic driver, or the tweeter perhaps?
The Tyler products seem to use the Seas Millenium Tweeter. Or is that the same as the Scanspeak Revelator?
Durbin, Tyler uses both the Seas Millenium and the Scanspeak Revelator in different speakers. Most of his better speakers use the Seas Millenium.