Wilson Benesch Arc Speakers?

Wilson Benesch Arc speakers can anyone tell me about them, I am about to buy new speakers, got a good offer on my current speakers. I was thinking about the new Sonus Faber Auditor(part of the Cremona line). But before I buy the Sonus I want some info on the Wilson Benesch as I have not been able to har them yet. They look really exciting, and I know that most of their line is very pricey.

So what can you tell me?
I owned the ARCs before I upgraded to the ACT Ones a few months ago. Believe me, they are TREMENDOUSLY impressive speakers. I was simply amazed by their accuracy, transparency and absolute absence of box coloration. They were the first speakers I ever heard that did not sound like music coming out of a box, and I bought them on the spot! I went to the ACT Ones only because they go slightly lower (even though the ARCs have great bass output for their size), and my wife wanted floorstanders for aesthetic reasons. The Sonus Fabers are nice but are not in the same league as the Wilson Benesch speakers. I'm speaking from real experience here. GET THE ARCS. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!
We are Benesch dealers so I realize I am biased - but I own a pair of Arc's myself. They are that good. Until you get to the DIscovery's at $8200/pair you can't approach the sound of the Arc's. They are awesome speakers.
Had a chance to hear the ARCs last weekend. WOW! They are simply incredible IMO. The sound stage is fantastic. I'm simply amazed at how much bass these tiny boxes generate. Very tight, also. These speakers are better than the B&W Signature 805's and can easily hold their own against the Dynaudio Special 25's ( again in my humble opinion ).
They have to be on specially made stands as there are 2 reflex ports on the underside of the cabinet.
As the owner of Sonus Faber Electa Amator IIs, and just having sold some very impressive Piega C8LTDs (for space, NOT sonic reasons!), I'd have to caution you against taking comments which suggest there is any speaker line which is in a league above SF. Better in one's system, room, or more in line with one's personal tastes...sure.
Now, a Benesch was reviewed sometime back in TAS. If memory serves, the reviewer liked the sound, but was a bit nonplussed that one of the speakers was ill-finished. At that price point, and for a speaker known to be destined for critical appraisal, this is most unusual.
I listened to a ton of speakers before making my final decision, and the Wilson Benesch was a great speaker however I felt that it gives up detail in an effort to recreate low frequencies. I also really liked Dynaudio's but I went with Sonus Faber's new Cremona Auditor. I felt it was more detailed and just gave me goosebumps every time I listened to them.
Now I am on to electronics.
Out of curiosity, Musiqlover, did you listen to the EAIIs before the Cremona, or any other SFs?
Pass Labs 2.5 and 250, btw, are a great match for my EAs...
Jayme. Yes I have listened to the EAII's. I have owned the Concerto Grand Piano's and the Concerto's. And I still have a pair of Concertino Home's.

As for a comparison of the EAII vs The Cremona Auditor:
EAII is a killer speaker however the EAII was discontinued because of the Cremona Auditor. The Auditor costs about $1500 less.
The EAII has a Little and I mean Little more bass.
However the Auditor has a better efficiency and more detail.
Plus the Finish is incredible. Also the Cremona Auditor uses the new ScanSpeak Revelator woofers(very expensive) and one hell of a tweeter.
Thanks. You seem to be SFlover, as well! I am VERY satisfied with the EAIIs, and I don't even have the stands yet...I would love to hear the Amatis at some point.

You do not want to hear the Amati's. If you do you might wind up taking out a home equity loan!
The Amati's are incredible, one of the best speakers you will ever hear.
I don't need to hear them is right! I didn't need to read your post, either, damn...

One more thing:

The finish on the Amati's is also quite amazing, I like the Cremona that I have, but the Amati has a warmer tinted wood, more luxorious looking, spectacular actually.
Spectacular? Oh, great. This just keeps getting worse!
That article in TAS is ancient history. Wilson Benesch has completely changed how they do finishes and they don't use wood anymore. It's all carbon fibre and aluminum, and that includes the ARCs. Given the money/performance ratio,($3600.00 with the stands?) they're a steal.