Wilson Benesch ARC Monitors - Any comments?

I'm considering changing speakers in my small listening room and listend to the WB ARC monitors at a Dallas dealer. I haven't seen any on the used market.

Any comments about these speakers or about their used availability?

These speakers are great - have stunning clarity, a focused bass, and are very neutral. They can however sound a bit clinical so need to be driven by something with a bit of excitement to it, e.g. Naim.
They are quite a recent design so it is unlikely you will find them used - I have yet to see a pair for sale in the UK!
WB Speakers are hard to come by in the US and therefore seldom seen on the used market - this goes especially for the new models.

Regarding the comment that WB is a clinical speaker, I must disagree. All WB speakers are super neutral and hence do nearly nothing to color -- add or subtract -- from a the sound of a system. Keep in mind that NOTHING is totally neutral but.. the WBs are very hard if not impossible to detect as having a particular sonic signature.

If a system with Wilson-Benesch speakers sounds clinical its a result of the system and not the speakers. The speakers play exactly what you feed them and are sonic chameleons with different components and cables.
I think that's what adamryan meant by clinical. They don't add or subtract. Highly neutral...clinical. Nothing wrong or necessarily derogatory about his comments. Just seems like good, sound advice.
You know what Danheather I think you may be correct. I didn't intend to imply his comments were derogatory. Sorry you took it that way.

Just so you know - clinical does not mean highly neutral per se' it means that the sound is clean and particularly uninvolving. The speakers themselves are not clinical. The speakers are neutral and if you use them in a system composed mostly of "clinical" sounding components the sound from the speakers will be clinical but -- its NOT the speakers.