Wilson Benesch ACT 1:component help

Nearly new pair on the way at a fraction of list. While my current components will not do these speakers complete justice, neither I hope will the sound be embarrasing. None the less, I would be interested in opinions on where to start upgrading the rest of the system to better match the capabilities of the Wilson Benesch Act Ones (www.wilson-benesch.com for info and links to reviews) . Current system: Arcam Alpha 8, McCormack Deluxe Line Drive, McCormack DNA 0.5 rev B, Theil CS2s, Tara RSC Master cd-to-pre , MIT 330 Series II pre-to-amp, MIT 750 speaker cable. . Pre amp may need description as it is an 11 year old passive unit. Input impedence: 8200 ohms; Output impedence: dependent on volume setting, varying between 800 and 2050 ohms to which the source's output impedence must be added; WBT sockets; Penny & Giles volume attenuator; MIT 330 and Wonder Wire used internally. At least Class B and, "with the best source components and cables, it will consistently produce Class A sound quality" according to John Atkinson in his Stereophile review (Jan 1989, Vol.12 No. 1). . Other interconnects/cables that I have access to include: Tara RSC Decade, Norsdost Blue Heaven and Tara RSC Master Gen II speaker cables. . My initial thoughts are to use Tara Decade from the Arcam CD to pre amp, Tara Master to power amp and Tara Master to the speakers. I presume that upgrading the Arcam to an Alpha 9 would make sense. . Assuming that this is reasonable given what I have on hand, where do I go next? Here are my initial thoughts on monetary allocations: CD player app $1,250, pre and power amps app $2,500 each, interconnnects app $500 each, speaker cable (8') $1,000. Virtually every component in my existing system was aquired used. So, please do not hesitate to recommend more expensive components that might be found used at the above prices. The allocation for CD is lower because of the still rapily changing nature of digital (therefore, likely to stick with the Arcam Alpha 9 for a while). . I am tired of trading musicality for detail, imaging and instrument ambience (female vocalists can get real harsh when they belt one out through the Thiels). I do not listen at extremely loud levels (the listening room is 14'X20'X8') and I do not consider bass to be the foundation of music. . Relative to the goal of neutrality, I amd willing to trade a tad bit of detail to avoid brightness or a cool/cold sounding system. I am willing to venture out into the world of tubes. I want to listen to and enjoy the music. I do not want to analyse how it sounds. . I listen to a wide variety of music. Lastly, reproduction of human voice has always been my first evaluation criteria (one hears voices every day and when they are not right, it sticks out like a sore thumb). . Any and all advice welcome. Sorry for the long post.
Resolution Audio CD50 (and don't use linestage), or Bel Canto Dac-1. MIT 330 Shotgun interconnects, balanced ones much better than RCA. Just a thought. However, you still are wanting a particular sound, so you are still analyzing it. It's not something you should have to consciously reject, IMHO. And being an audiophile is nothing to be ashamed of either, so don't deny that part of you too much. The amplifier will make the most difference, with regard to how much you "don't" want to analyze the sound. If you are using adequate room treatments correctly, you can get to a point where the music doesn't "demand" to be analyzed, again in my humble rack-and-pinion (heh heh). I envy your speakers. A tube amp is probably the way to go, but I'm no expert on them, and have never heard any that I've liked a lot (besides my headphone amp).
Also, if you really need even more avoidance of "fidelity analysis", just don't spend as much time in the sweet spot. Works every time I've tried it, and I can certainly still enjoy the music that way, though usually to a lesser degree. It does keep you from being concerned about what the system is doing. Listening at quiet volume also does this for me, so I feel you're on the right track with regard to sidestepping that "phile" part of you.
I bought the Act Ones 4 months ago (went from Thiel 3.6's, so we are similar). I was using a Proceed HPA-2 amp, which is good, but a month ago I purchased a Llano Design (Randy White) Trinity 200. This is his hybrid (tubed input stage, solid state output), 200 wpc Class A amp. It's incredible how much more musical, yet with unbelievable detail this amp produces with the Act Ones. And at around $3,000 (with 30 day money back trial period), I think this is real winner. I'm using a Muse Model 9 dvd/cd player as transport and/or player, with a Proceed AVP preamp/processor (combo. HT and 2 channel setup). I've put the Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables in; I really like them, especially at their price. Good luck.
Here's a cheap upgrade combo that will do wonders for you. If your Alpha 8 CD is not an "SE" run and upgrade it to SE for about $150 US. I did this about 5 months ago and was amazed at the difference. Then again, going to the 9 will probably be fabulous but at a much higher cost. Then crank a good power cord on the CD player (I am using a Cardas Golden with great results-my system also leans toward the bright side and the Golden works wonders with my 8SE in almost every way-more info, very smooth and musical-I've seen used Goldens for around $200 US-I'm hoping to put one on my integrated amp soon and have experimented-using a LAT cord on the amp right now and the system sounds its best with the Cardas on the CD player). My guess is that doing these two things will get you about 75-80% of the improvement of the 9 at about 40-50% of the cost and who knows where digital is going now? Then again, if you go to the 9, the power cord upgrade makes sense on it as well. Good luck. Blake
I would like to thank you for your responses. While upgrading the Arcam would be cost effective, I found a three month old Bel Canto DAC1 for sale on this site and have purchased. I spoke with Randy White of Llano Design and he suggested a Trinity 100 given my listening habits and the size of my room (note that he most definitely did not try to "upsell" me). I ordered one. We also spent a few minutes discussing how the passive preamp would work with the Trinity, and I am going to hold onto McCormack Deluxe Line Drive for a while. I will likely start out with Tara Labs RSC decade interconnects and RSC Master Gen II speaker cable. With the exception of evaluating interconnects and cables in a few months (and positioning the speakers and ...), I am set for a while. Thanks again.