Wilson Audio Yvette vs Sasha 2

Thanks in advance for input. 
My room: 14 x 21 w/ 10'ceilings.  Speakers on the 14' wall.  
Pre/Power: ARC Ref 3 and Ref 75 (KT 150s)
Transparent Super cables/connects
Lumin T1
Current speakers: Sophia 2. 
Looking for advice on the differences between Sasha 2 and Yvette from anyone who has compared. 
I'm guessing the top end is similar, bass is a bit better on Sasha, or at least lower reaching..? 
Big question is on upper bass and midrange integration and texture - to me the magic area.  Is one better than the other?  I've heard Yvette may integrate better and provide more real texture. 
*My room is dedicated, and adjustable, so I can make the Yvettes align.

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Just curious, but why no inquiry or inclusion of the Sabrinas?

each person I've spoken with that has heard them especially with aR power has said it was a  most memorable. event and they are less costly than the Evettes.

just saying... good luck regardless.
I heard the Sabrinas ealier, once with McIntosh and once with ARC.  They were very good with ARC.  But, I felt like I could hear some overcooked mid bass - like they were trying to show off that they weren't "little men".  
They thew a huge soundstage and sounded great other than that.  
By the way, I ended up deciding that I need Alexia 1 (again).  So, I just got some really nice Sasha 1 to hold me over.