wilson audio watt/puppy 8 vs martin logan clx

Was debating on picking up a set of ones of these speakers. Probably oairing them up to McIntosh equipment. Listen to modern music on cds and digital media. Have heard clx in person and love them, but havent heard the w/p.
Wow...tough choice. Would personally go with CLX...and if you have the extra change for a ML Descent Sub...you have a world class, transparent transducer with powerful bass.

Not that the WP8 is a bad option!!! Bear in mind, the CLX needs some serious juice to get running well...some stats do. I do not know which Mcintosh you have...make sure it is very high current and capable of really driving/controlling the CLXs.

Why CLX? I think its speed, transparency and ability to deliver midrange magic/spacial cues are extraordinary in the world of audio...it just does not have slam/bass on its own...but with Descent you have a good bit of slam.

The WP8 on its own probably a better all-rounder with plenty of upper bass/mid-bass slam for the speaker-size and cost. And excellent transparency...just perhaps not quite at CLX level.

My two cents. YMMV.
IMO McIntosh is the wrong amp for Wilson so I opt for the CLX
Thanks for the response. I really like the way the CLX sounds, but hear a lot of great things about the watt/puppy. Will probably do the MC452 or the 601s, course I was debating doing them in a 2 ch/HT combo setup.

I currently don't have any real equipment yet. What amps you like with Wilson?

Any other used speakers you recommend in the $10-$14k range?
With Wilson WP8s, i love the MBL...but bloody expensive. It was my fav amp with them. Some like ARC, though i prefer more taught bass. Gryphon, Vitus, older Krell but wont have same treble refinement. Some might say dartzeel...not sure its got the juice, but it should.

Devialet dual-mono. Pass Labs.
How big is your room? WP8 in a small room is too much, while CLXs can do the businsess amazingly despite being larger and needing more space behind.

I have Sophia 2's in a relatively small room, and used to own summits. The Wilson's are the better allrounders, but in many ways I preferred the MLs. In fact, so uch so that I'd like to move back to Summits with a Descent i sub.

CLXs truly sound amazin, but I wish they looked better!

I have heard the CLXs with their Descent subs...stunning. good luck and enjoy!