Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy 5.1

Do you think these speakers are really dated soundwise. Are they still comparable to a wilson sophia or the actual watt/puppy system 7, even if they dont reach 100% of theyre performance.
I got offered a like new pair of 5.1 for around 5500 $ wich is agood price here in germany. And i can have them brought and set up to my home by the dealer. Actually i have a Cabasse Iroise 500 hanging on a Gryphon Tabu Amplifier.

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I've had mine since 1996 and while they don't sound dated, your question comparing them to the current Wilson speakers isn't apples to apples. If you have the money for the new models I'd go that way. But, I think your real question is do the 5.1's represent good value at $5500?

I have a vast amount of experience with this speaker. I can tell you it is very finicky. But, if you are willing to revolve your system and room around them, they can really sing. It has taken me a long time and much effort to get there, but my 5.1's still stand up to newer speakers and are far better than most.

Your problem, as was mine, will be whether or not your room and other components are compatable with the 5.1's. If they are, you'll be lucky. In the long run it may actually be cheaper to go with the Sophia which I suspect will blend more easily.

Insist on a home demo. Get at least two weeks to try them in your room. It's the only way to be sure. If they work, you can't do better for the money.
XRON I've heard both the 5.1's and the Sophias and my prefrence is the Sophias.

Keep in mind that the Sophias represent Wilsons latest thoughts in speaker design and will sound more like the WP7 than they do the 5.1. I thought they were supper agressive on the top end and didnt have the same punch the Sophias have.

I understand that your getting a good deal but honestly the new version of the Sophias is going to be released in the near future so the older version will start getting closer to that same price range.
Xronx I looked at your system and it looks pretty awesome as is. What are you not getting from the Cabasse speakers that's driving you to look at alternatives? I only ask because I've heard great things about Cabasse, they seem to be a real "insiders" speaker company. Please feel free to ignore me, as I have no experience at all with Wilson speakers.
thanks to all for your posts so far...

i wouldn´t spend more than 4000,- on new speakers in the first place but i saw the wilson in an internet offer (i saw other 5´s for 1000,- more than the 5.1´s im looking for, the sophias even used cost 3000,- more).

it´s also from a dealer near by. you have to know that the eastern part of germany where i live is like a desert considering dealers. you can count them on one hand in an area of 100 miles. and most of them have nothing interesting for me. so the dealer who has the wilson in store (it was the private speaker of the stores owner, he is no wilson dealer)will set it up in my home and i can listen here before i finally decide. while going for a sophia or other speaker, it would be impossible to do that. so it´s both a money issue and being sure that it will work in my room that counts for going to the 5.1´s.

i heard them in the store with my gryphon amp but different analogset up. they had a AVID Diva turntable with Benz ACE low and a old Audiolabor preamp (only phono used). so even this sounded great in the store. music was totally independent from the speakers, with very precise imaging (most precice i ever heard) and more colorful than at home. by the way i use a Kuzma StabiS turntable with Benz Ruby 3 H OA and an Audio Research PH5. so all in all more on the warm/musically side of neutral than on the bright/analytical side.

why i want to change from the cabasse? i was 100% satisfied with the cabasse over the years and to be true i think they look way more georgeus than any wilson. i saw the offer of the 5.1´s and thought that i just wanne hear it in store cause it´s rare to see a speaker like this near by (dealer desert, as i wrote before). but in the store after a few records i was more or less convinced of the cabasse limits. it´s hard to say because of the different rooms and gear but as far as i can say. the cabasse while precise, lively and dynamic compared to other speakers just dont reach the level the 5.1 has played in the dealers demo, even with entry level gear (besides the Gryphon ;)).
and the cabasse are also known being very very revealing of source quality and matching. and lot of people find them to unforgiving and bright wich i never did.

so it´s just a strange feeling to sell my cabasse and get a speaker that is even older (ok, just 2 years or so). but i hope even 8 or more years ago wilson knew to build a world class speaker ;).

You're moving in the right direction. The 5.1's like warmer upstream components. But, I can almost guarantee you that treating your room to eliminate reflections and standing waves will be required. If your dealer sells ASC or similar room treatment devices have him bring some for you to experiment with. A room with relective walls and floors and Wilsons are not a good match.
Do you find the 5.1´s bass shy or thin? they didn´t sounded like this in the store but the frequency response you can find in the stereophile review suggests that.


my cabasse while not the most extendet for it´s size go straight to 45 Hz like a line. i also hope the wilson will surpass the holographic presentation of the cabasse with it´s cocentric driver in a direct comparison.

and by the way...i already have treatened my room (around 30 m2) with 8 studio basstraps. i also have a lot of shelfs with records books etc. and large curtains too. all in all the acoustics are really good. the rooms has only 2 paralell walls (like a combination of 2 different trapezoids) the speakers are relatively far from the walls.
They are not bass shy, but they have a tweeter that can be overly aggressive which is where the thin reputation comes from. Your room sounds like a pretty good match. If your dealer will give you a demo, by all means try them.
ive got 5.1 's too and ther great,i didnt get any paper work with mine,so i down loaded off the wilson page the how to setup for the watts/pup,i used that as a starting point,they are a little diferent than most speakers,i used to work in a hi-fi shop and had to set up genesis 1,pipedreams and lots of panel stuff,any way i did a real easy mod for mine ,it dosnt change the speaker physically so if you want to know let me know ,yes the top end can be a bit forward but with good gear before ,like valve stuff this will calm that down,jadis works well with them!