Wilson Audio Specialties Chronosonic XVX loudspeaker!! only $300,000.oo

What a bargain, still bet they sound great with the right amp up them, looking at that impedance/phase angle graph.
XVX is a very demanding load, with EPDR less than 1.1 ohms between 52Hz and 66Hz and between 197Hz and 287Hz, with minimum values of 0.91 ohms at 450Hz and 0.94 ohms at 3250Hz. The Chronosonic XVX should be used with amplifiers that don't have problems driving loads of 2 ohms and lower.


Cheers George

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@perkri --

There are a couple of folks here who prescribe to the master/slave mentality. They think the ones at the top, don’t work.

Hot news flash. They work, very hard. And all of the ones I have met, and know, are extremely curious individuals. They are also extraordinarily generous. One recently donated 300m to a university research facility. There are wings in major hospitals here they have also set up. Humble, kind and inclusive people.

I just don’t see the relevance of the above to what’s discussed here.

I am not, in their economic sphere, not even remotely close, not in the same universe.
My system is very, very modest. I will never be in a position to purchase any high end gear, ever.

I’m more than ok with that. My own lack of means to participate in the ultra, or even high end gear does not in any way close my mind to the possibility of its value or of its quality.

I’m with you on the potential quality aspect as it pertains to a single component, but "value" in this context is, diplomatically put, in the eye of the beholder.

Unless I hear it for myself, I do not judge. There are pieces of gear I would love to hear, and potentially own if I had the means. And if I didn’t like something after having heard it, I would not criticize someone else for buying it, whatever it’s price. It would simply be, not for me.

Oh, we agree. I’m not saying the Wilson’s are bad speakers (haven’t heard the XVX’s, so couldn’t say), far from it, but calling them a bargain - even without having heard them - is just an insult, I find. Dumb, even - bluntly put. I’m not calling out people (as people) making lots of money, or conversely those who don’t - I would be an a**hat for doing that. What I mean should be more clear from my previous post.

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05-04-2021 4:02am

Nice cut and paste job.

Clumsy attempt to alter the narrative?
Nope. Just exposing who you really are. 
I’ve got a good, longtime friend from high school and college that has done extremely well.

We had a mini HS reunion a couple years ago and he asked me if I wanted to drive his Tesla Model S. As we spoke while driving this amazing car I asked what was his favorite? He’s had a 911 Turbo that got him into a lot of trouble, Lexus (can’t remember the model, but a competitor to BMW 5 Series), Mercedes S Class. He loves the Tesla, but currently, trips need to be either relatively short or planned around chargers. Keeping that in mind, he really enjoyed the Mercedes S Class.

He said he could buy anything he wanted...and test drove a Bentley GT. Said he felt too pretentious driving it, and his volunteer work would make him feel uncomfortable flaunting his wealth like that.

I really respect that bit of humility. He lives in a pretty modest house, as well, relative to his income. He’s been a Financial Advisor for nearly 40 years and has seen the good, bad, and ugly of wealthy people.


"Nope. Just exposing who you really are."

By attaching my name to something I didn’t say and that wasn’t directed at me?

Thats clever.

Man there are there really stupid generalizations above. Generalizing about the upper economic strata is just a form of social racism. Acceptable and allowed but no more ridiculous than any number of generalizations that I could make about the poor or minorities. Fact is that generalizations arent worth a damn regardless of the target group. None of us know the motivations or aspirations of anyone as a rule. But, aside from the trust funders, higher income can usually be associated with guts, hard work and good ideas.

I love it when people throw out community service as if this were some measure of worth, value or concern for others. By the way, your friend has already shown his hand by stating that he feels ashamed of flaunting his wealth. Most likely you wont get an objective opinion about the wealthy from a person who feels ashamed of what he has earned. The silly 21st century propaganda about class appears to have already done a number on his brain. To not live your life as you want due to appearances could be viewed as a tragic sign of weakness.

Earn your money, spend it as you see fit, pay what you owe in taxes and be charitable as your conscience dictates.