Wilson Audio Specialties Chronosonic XVX loudspeaker!! only $300,000.oo

What a bargain, still bet they sound great with the right amp up them, looking at that impedance/phase angle graph.
XVX is a very demanding load, with EPDR less than 1.1 ohms between 52Hz and 66Hz and between 197Hz and 287Hz, with minimum values of 0.91 ohms at 450Hz and 0.94 ohms at 3250Hz. The Chronosonic XVX should be used with amplifiers that don't have problems driving loads of 2 ohms and lower.


Cheers George

I think the speakers are terrific. I would love to hear them. All of the carping is from people rationalizing why they don’t need them - based mostly on "I can't afford them" which is really the reason they're whining. I’m especially taken by that attitude from people who have no problem spending absurd amounts of money on cables and power cords because "they make a difference" - as if the speakers themselves don’t.

The speakers are in the "if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford them," yacht category which is fine. I have no problem with people who can afford them buying them, and refuse to buy into the caricature painted of ego-stroking, deaf idiots who don’t know what "Real Value" (tm) in audio equipment is. I have no idea who would buy them, I just hope they like the way the speakers reproduce music.

I think it’s wonderful that some manufacturers want to build a price is no object product. Hopefully, some of the technology developed will trickle down to lower-priced products.

I applaud Wilson for building them.
@edgewound I always laugh when I see an example of what you posted about with guitar ’collectors’. I have a friend who cannot play a lick and who recently was more than happy to show me his newest Gibson LP Gold Top...which he just paid over $40K for! It will hang on the wall in his study, along with 10-20 other dried out ’collector’ pieces. Sometimes it makes me question why this guy has these very nice guitars and an ex-pro studio musician, like myself, has to do with their lowly Tele...then i play my beloved Tele and I wouldn’t swap for all the 'collector' guitars in the world...there is no fun in having guitars on a wall and not being able to play them, IMHO.
And these are not even the top of the line- the WAMM Master Chronosonics are $850K.
@nationalbar Looking at the pricing points of the Wilsons ( or for that matter any high end product that has a multi kilobuck number attached) is something that serves little purpose to me. I think we tend to forget that there are a lot of folks who make tens of millions of dollars a month...so paying $850K for speakers is really nothing but chump change to them. The hardest thing that these folks have is finding ways to actually spend the money....
There is a lot of money out there and these people want to enjoy themselves, why shouldn’t they. God bless ‘em.
 And they are having no problems finding ways to spend it. The $800,000,000 net worth guys read the Robb Report. The over $1B guys don’t have to..