Wilson Audio Specialties Chronosonic XVX loudspeaker!! only $300,000.oo

What a bargain, still bet they sound great with the right amp up them, looking at that impedance/phase angle graph.
XVX is a very demanding load, with EPDR less than 1.1 ohms between 52Hz and 66Hz and between 197Hz and 287Hz, with minimum values of 0.91 ohms at 450Hz and 0.94 ohms at 3250Hz. The Chronosonic XVX should be used with amplifiers that don't have problems driving loads of 2 ohms and lower.


Cheers George

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What a bargain ...

If ever there was a bigger (unintended) joke in home audio reproduction. That's not to say the Wilson XVX system (+ subs) mayn't sound great, but don't call it a bargain. 

@perkri --

... this is a High End website, and as such, anyone who comes to any website that is a forum to discuss any high end item/activity, should be able to maintain an open mind.

High-end audio discussions to a large extend have many dismiss or even ridicule the equal pedigree of cheaper, alternative takes, not least from different and/or older segments of audio reproduction (i.e.: the pro arena in particular), so I'd question the open mindedness on that side of the discussion as well. Lots of money has a tendency to make people lazy and unwilling to explore, and thus becomes more about gadgetry and buying expensive equipment simply because you can. 
@ghdprentice --

You seriously have no comprehension of people that make lots of money. As a group they are smart, well educated, ambitious, and hard working and only part with there money after diligent investigation of facts and make informed decisions. The kind of people that buy from Wilson..

Oh, I believe I do. People with LOTS of money have a clear tendency(!) to converge towards what's expensive, precisely because it is expensive and the narrative that follows here. They may make informed choices within that narrative, but price is still a factor, as in: the more it costs, the better it necessarily must be. An earlier, fairly well kept 1970's Porsche 911 not too many years could be had for $10-15k perhaps, whereas now they sell - in the same condition - for at least 10x that amount. Is it a better car because of that? So, Mr. Average Joe (income-wise) who could've bought the 911 years ago is suddenly a dimwit today because now he can't? I'd make the counter argument that people with lots of money at their disposal isn't always as smart as they'd like to think of themselves; when you indulge in shelling out $40k for a single Wilson Audio Subsonic subwoofer with "three 12" dual-spider woofers" in a heavy box, seriously, you have no clue. That is, it may be a great sub at what it does, but that kind of performance can be had multiple times cheaper. The rich guy however doesn't care, he's got the money and bragging rights to boot - and great sound, I hope. Good for him. 

Your generalization sounds like it was formed by watching the Houswives of Orange County and the escapades of Bernie Madoff... which is by far the excepion not the rule. Otherwise this would be a third world country. Hardworking intelligent people are the backbone of our economy. Silicon Valley and the giants of global commerce, medium and small businesses drive this county. Not stereotypic “rich people”.

Obviously other subjects on the menu here, but in this context I'd say they're irrelevant. 
@perkri --

There are a couple of folks here who prescribe to the master/slave mentality. They think the ones at the top, don’t work.

Hot news flash. They work, very hard. And all of the ones I have met, and know, are extremely curious individuals. They are also extraordinarily generous. One recently donated 300m to a university research facility. There are wings in major hospitals here they have also set up. Humble, kind and inclusive people.

I just don’t see the relevance of the above to what’s discussed here.

I am not, in their economic sphere, not even remotely close, not in the same universe.
My system is very, very modest. I will never be in a position to purchase any high end gear, ever.

I’m more than ok with that. My own lack of means to participate in the ultra, or even high end gear does not in any way close my mind to the possibility of its value or of its quality.

I’m with you on the potential quality aspect as it pertains to a single component, but "value" in this context is, diplomatically put, in the eye of the beholder.

Unless I hear it for myself, I do not judge. There are pieces of gear I would love to hear, and potentially own if I had the means. And if I didn’t like something after having heard it, I would not criticize someone else for buying it, whatever it’s price. It would simply be, not for me.

Oh, we agree. I’m not saying the Wilson’s are bad speakers (haven’t heard the XVX’s, so couldn’t say), far from it, but calling them a bargain - even without having heard them - is just an insult, I find. Dumb, even - bluntly put. I’m not calling out people (as people) making lots of money, or conversely those who don’t - I would be an a**hat for doing that. What I mean should be more clear from my previous post.